Whales Win!

Traditional Whaling in Taiji
Picture credit: Public Domain


If you have had your absolute fill of  depressing news about our wonderful world of animals, you can smile today!

Japan has argued for years,  that they have the absolute right to kill 1,000 Whales a year in the Antarctic,  for
” scientific purposes, ”  but the United Nations has told them,  not so fast!

Judge Peter Tomka has determined that what the Japanese are doing,   is not “scientific”  and  they will stop immediately.

The Japanese have a very  long history of whaling, as  it  has been a strong  part of their culture since the 1700’s.

The bitter and sad stories coming out of Taiji where Dolphins and Whales are murdered every year,  has been the subject of countless Blogs, News and TV stories,  even a documentary film,  the Cove.

Bloodshed, as in rituals, for the sake of culture, had been a part of our  lives since we crawled out of the water, or from under a rock, or whatever we did, but long ago we stopped most of these heinous acts and became mostly civilized beings.

It is not that Humans have really changed or evolved so much, more likely, it has been the influence of a more “ethical” society and the negativity attached  to these gruesome acts.

Only our behavior towards the animal kingdom seems to have remained in our archaic past, as witnessed by the ongoing slaughter every day to animals all of over the world, especially in Africa.

Regrettably, nothing has deterred the determined Japanese, who since their defeat in the War,  have felt this was one last part of their culture where their Honor and National pride were still secure.

The Japanese were not alone in this evil, many countries including ours, participated in the killing of Whales.

But in 1986,  a “Moratorium Against Whaling” was enacted and all but the Japanese,  Norway and Iceland adhered to it.

Although I can certainly respect preserving your culture, some of the reason to support this particular one, must be subject to the current status of Whales on the planet.

Global numbers for all sea mammals have decreased dramatically in the last Century, so continuing this so called “scientific research”  is no longer a viable excuse for Whale slaughter, anywhere.

Our species,  we Humans, must learn to respect all animals and protect them before they are wiped from the Earth.

For if  they are all gone, we will be alone and this Planet was never meant to be Only inhabited by  Humans.



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23 thoughts on “Whales Win!

  1. yay!  humpbacks migrate along ecuador’s coast, and that helps put a soft spot in the hearts of most anyone who sees them.    we have so far to go, but one step, one whale at a time, hopefully the world will awaken and treasure its natural assets.

    thanks for this, lisa/z


  2. Fantastic news! Yes indeed such a change to have some positive news. A significant step forward in helping to save these intelligent animals from abuse and eventual extinction. I hope the next step will be to stop the slaughter of dolphins by the Japanese.

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  4. This is why we have SeaWorld. Without millions of people being exposed to real, live creatures up close and personal, they never care about them in the wild. It’s much different from seeing a picture in a textbook.

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