Animal Awareness Alert~

Florida_Black_BearFDOT       man2
A Florida Black Bear in the Ocala Forest and a Florida Manatee mother and baby
Black Bear picture credit:  FFWCC,  Manatee picture credit:
The Black Bear pictured here was taken in an area quite near our house and according to Wikipedia:
which supports the highest density population of black bears in North America.”


**Update……..Now  SEVEN Black Bears have been killed by FWC**

7th Bear killed in Lake Mary after attack


Although Bears and Manatees may not be on your mind at this very moment,  they need to be.

Two animal stories  were on our local news this morning that need to be brought to your attention if you live in Florida.

Like much of the country, it is Spring right now here in Central Florida and a great many of our animals are on the move.

Black Bears  everywhere in the state have ceased their hibernation states, short-lived as they were due to the fairly mild winter and have begun roaming into  adjacent areas and neighborhoods in search of food.

Like you feel in the morning, they are now awake and very hungry.

So we MUST be vigilant right now everywhere,  for their increased presence and state of hunger.

Last night a local woman was attacked, or surprised in her garage, by what may have been as many as 5 Black Bears.

Yes,  she had left the garage door open, but, was their also some trash or garbage in there,  or dog or cat food?

Not known yet.

Before there are even more Black Bears killed, as has been done recently, can we all please take an extra moment,  to do what we know must be done and that is to keep alert and NEVER leave food outside and for heaven sakes,  please remember to close your garage and shed doors at night.

We do not want or  need another tragic round of Black Bear killings here, do we?

The second point to make you all aware of is,  that our   Florida Manatees  are also starting to become active and  are beginning to leave the warmth and safety of  places like Blue Springs State Park  and other warm water areas, and heading out to their cooler summer waters, all along the Florida Coastlines as well as inland locations.

So, as we all start taking our boats out, now that the days are getting warmer,  to where they Manatees live and travel, we must be especially careful not to run into or over them.

Boat propeller  strikes lead to countless unnecessary Manatee injuries and deaths every year.

And last year was an especially  not a good one for them  with over 800 deaths  in various ways.

So please remember,  when you are out in your boats from this point on,  please observe the “slow down manatee zone”  speed limit signs.

A Manatee’s life is depending on it.

So, while we are all busy right now celebrating Spring, can we all try to ensure that Florida’s Bears and Manatees will also be here to see it next year with us?

We all need to be a part of and support this,  animal awareness alert.

Spread the word~


You may learn more here:

Bears drag Florida woman from garage

Officials Warn of Bears Stirring as Woman Attacked

Seasonal Manatee Speed Zones are in effect





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