It’s A Baby Shower

burrowingowl   greenturtle   fawn3   harriett
A small example, (not actual) of the many kinds of animals that this Wildlife Hospital rehabilitates every year.
An owl, a hatchling turtle, a fawn and a gopher tortoise – (Our resident tortoise Harriet)
Picture credits: Baby turtle – Manuel Heinrich


OK,  who doesn’t love a baby shower?
But for this one,  you can leave the bibs and diapers at home and instead bring bird seed and kibble.

You see the babies that this shower is being held  for,  all  have either feathers or  fur.

The people and the place that will be hosting this Baby Shower,  is the Florida Wildlife Hospital in Palm Shores, Florida, which is near Melbourne and Palm Bay, in Brevard County.

This non-profit rescue and  rehabilitation facility is holding its 8th annual Baby Shower and like most fund-raisers, they are hoping that you will come and see what they do and why and bring your check book with you.

Or, at the very least, put  a box or two of food for their growing collection of dependent creatures,  into the loving and caring hands of the many hard-working volunteers here.

This organization began 42 years ago and is run by a host of volunteers and their Director Sue Small.

The Hospital has over 4,000 members and they are always looking for more to join them.

The cost of caring for all of these creatures is jaw dropping.

The operators of this wonderful organization are aware that many other needy groups get a huge portion of the press and news attention, but are hoping that some of the generosity and love available in Central Florida and beyond,  will find its way to their facility and help them to care for the creatures who depend on them to stay alive.

Knowing the kind of people who live here and how much they love animals, here’s hoping that they will be rewarded with what they need, to continue operating this place of safe haven for injured animals in Florida.

They offer educational  programs for a nominal donation, which is explained on their website.


The Baby Shower will be on  May 3, 2104,   from 10 AM to 2 PM  at the Palm Shores Town Hall,

530 Paul Hurtt Lane, ½ mile south of the Pineda Causeway on the West side of U.S. 1

For more information, please call them at:  321-254-8843

This is a  FREE  event with children’s activities.

There will be food to purchase as well at a bake sale.


Their web site,  which is loaded with pictures, is very helpful and has a lot of great information:

Florida Wildlife Hospital


They have a  “Wish List”   and Donations are accepted through Pay Pal on the website.

The hospital is open 365 days day a year to admit patients.


Places to learn more:

Wildlife hospital hosts animal baby shower

Wildlife Hospital Video You tube




29 thoughts on “It’s A Baby Shower

  1. I don’t think I told you that my son’t project for 8th grade is to aid an animal rescue shelter. He is a dog lover. One of his dogs, Gonzo, has PTSD like symptoms… Gonzo is recovering with the unconditional love that he gets from humans and he has Jazzie, another rescue dog that has no issue to learn from. Gonzo is a worry a bit to me though because he recently killed Girlie, a female house cat that had no defense. No one saw it but it was awful. Gonzo is gentle and lovable – always. He did have a habit of chasing Girlie to the basement. I just hop there isn’t any other problems with Gonzo’s mental health. He is part Pit bull and apparently has some killer instinct.

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