Dolphin Defense

A Dolphin group in Xcaret, Mexico
Picture credit:  Truncatus


Today is feel good Sunday, so in Honor of this day of positive  thinking, here is a  feel good story.

Do you need or want,  yet another reason to fight for and defend wild animals?

Is it just me, or do Dolphins always look happy and like they are smiling?

I give you this story,  in the hopes that you too will become a wildlife or any animal defender from this point on~

Recently in the waters off of New Zealand, near Cook Strait,  British swimmer Adam Walker, was saved from the jaws, (truly sorry for that) of a Great White Shark.

Walker  was about to become lunch while swimming for Whale and Dolphin Conservation,  in support of the very animals that saved him.

This was his seventh swim for the group to raise money and awareness for Whales and Dolphins around the world.

The pod of about ten “Guardian Dolphins”  surrounded Adam and protected him from the Great White who was closing in on him.

Apparently, the shark then decided that perhaps there were more rescuers than he could handle and left.

Can you say KARMA?

Point in fact, this is not the first time that this kind of protective attention was given by Dolphins towards a Human.

By now, we  are all keenly aware that Dolphins are one of the most intelligent animals in the Sea, isn’t it time for us to protect those that have repeatedly proven they are willing to protect us?

We must defend the Dolphins now in their time of greatest need,  as they are being hunted and murdered at alarming and sickening rates all over the planet.

So be a good Human and defend Dolphins,  won’t you?

You never know when they might return the favor to you~


Places to learn more:

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Dolphins, Shark, Swimmer Adam Walker in New Zealand’s Cook Strait




40 thoughts on “Dolphin Defense

  1. i simply love this pic so much personality in it ,,,i used to dive for many years, and this takes me back to the sea in a way even though im high in da rockies now,,,thanks kewl post-it

    • Thank you.
      They have shown Humans nothing but love, since we crawled out of the seas to join them on this planet.
      It is our responsibility to protect them, mostly from our all too often careless, callous behaviour towards them.

  2. beautiful blog – and necessary. I cannot give money donations, as i am myself on a pension. I do hope people will support you in every way possible.. eve

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