Elephants At Zakouma National Park in SE Chad,
the tragic sight of many Elephant deaths by poachers.
Picture credit: C. Michael Hogan


Always there when we need them, our US Marines  from North Carolina’s Camp Lejeune,  are now using their talents to help stop the slaughter of elephants in Chad.

This specialized team of US  Marines, has just landed in Chad to begin training local Park Rangers in the long suffering, ugly war against elephant poachers near and around one of Africa’s last sanctuaries for them,  in the  Zakouma National Park in South East Chad.

The elephant ivory pillage and plunder in Africa has decimated and devastated the population,  nearly to the brink of complete extinction.

The prior elephant numbers here were once over 4,000, but now hover at just around a paltry, sickening 500.

Now just as economic factors seem to be improving in the region, perhaps  lessening the frantic desperate state for those who have  perpetrated the elephant crisis, the new presence of  US Marines  training locals to fight back against this rogue group, just may have a chance to succeed.

There has also been a marked increase in elephant calf births recently,  given all concerned with the ugly situation, a tiny glimmer of hope.

Will those guilty of  so many years of  insidious  ” blood ivory ”  rampages from  the recent past,  find some new line of  work that does not involve murdering African Wildlife?

We can and must, all pray that they have or will.


In the meantime, our  US Marines are now  “boots on the ground”  in Chad and here’s  a message to all the poachers,

” you’d  better look out, our boys mean  serious business here.”



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26 thoughts on “Oorah!

  1. What good news! Progress indeed against the poaching onslaught,the war against poaching is a war worth waging. Lets hope elephants can be saved before it is too late.

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