A New Blog!

Greetings Dear Readers and Followers~


It is here for your consideration:

Flawless Pandemonium


While we were away  this week,  a new Blog was busy percolating in my head.

It is now up and it is my fondest wish that some of you may come to see it.

This new Blog concerns the Corporate Bullies worldwide who hold all of us hostage daily,  in some way.

It may be the pet store where we buy our dog food, or the place where we buy our gas, or our groceries.

These are the Big Boys and they take no prisoners.

And as you soon will learn, neither will this new Blog.

Monsanto is number one on my list and the others have just been laid out on the newest post, called the List!

Please do  come, I am counting,  as always,  on your support~

thank you~





18 thoughts on “A New Blog!

  1. There you go again Gator Woman 😉
    Wishing you much success with the new blog. I look forward to your efforts to enlighten the masses to those most important issues. If it is anything like your other projects there is no question it will be a blog to follow.

    I was thrilled to get the pingback from the BlogDogIt Tag you have chosen to display on your new site and immediately installed your reciprocal links in the usual places. I also added your rss feed to the Spotlight page so I will be sure to stay abreast of your latest activity. Thanks for keeping BlogDogIt followers in the loop; I hope you continue to gain benefit from the connection.

    I trust you will pull no punches on “Flawless Pandemonium” – this is going to be fun, indeed! 😀

    • In my next life, I would like for your to be my Guardian Angel~
      You make me feel like what I do matters and that is a very special gift.
      Thank you from the bottom, or top, of my heart~
      As for rss, not really sure what that is about?
      I am indebted to you for your kindness.

      • Thanks Gator Woman.
        RSS is “Really Simple Syndication” – Many blogging systems publish a “news feed” of headlines of your blog posts to allow folks to follow your activity without even having to visit your site. For example your new sites rss feed is available via: http://flawlesspandemonium.wordpress.com/feed/ – This URL can be used by any number of various programs designed to allow consumption of these digests of your blog. People who find themselves following many various bloggers should investigate “RSS Readers” to ease the burden that can come from a desire to keep up.

        WordPress users can follow other WordPress blogs by using the “+Follow” feature but if you are trying to follow blogs on various other platforms, RSS is the only way to fly (IMHO.)

        So I publish the RSS feeds of link exchange members on one page of my blog so I can keep track of all my good friends!

        You’ve no doubt heard of the butterfly effect… where a butterfly flaps its wings on the other side of the globe that sets about a chain of events which result in a hurricane as a result. I like to think of efforts such as yours resulting in future rainbows or those awesome sunsets that make you glad you’re there.

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  3. Best wishes with the new blog Gator Woman! As part of campaigning to protect what is left of our natural world, corporatocracy in our world is another whole area we need to take very seriously. Here in the UK we are currently challenging the huge trans-Atlantic corporate trade agreements that are set to undermine the national environmental protections we strive to support.

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