Two Updates, One Despicable Item!


Comfrey Jacobs,  animal rights activist and humanitarian, extraordinaire~
Picture credit and kindly lent by:   Deby Dixon photography


I am quite sure that you all remember this brave young man putting himself on the line at Yellowstone Park a few months ago,  trying to stop the slaughter of Bison/Buffalo.

The posting about him was:   God Hears.

What you need to know now,  is what happened to him and the high price that he paid for his altruistic ideals.

By the way, if we did not live nearly 3,000 miles away, we would have joined him there.

What the courts have done to this young man, verges on  being a vicious retaliation and wanting desperately to make an example of him, to warn others who may in the future wish to try a similar act, to rethink it.

The Cattle Ranchers in Montana, have entirely too much power and control in the entire Yellowstone Basin Area and this all is absolutely a result of them putting the squeeze on the local law enforcement agencies  and the court systems.

Here is the follow-up story about Comfrey Jacobs, who did his best to try to prevent wild animals from being killed:

Activist Convicted of Blockading Yellowstone’s Wild Bison Trap


The second  update is one that has been percolating in my head for many months now.

This story deduces, quite accurately in my opinion, that if the economics in the part of Africa where Wildlife Poaching is out of control would improve, the poaching would decline.

I believe that this is a real possibility and that Africa needs to make every effort to encourage and perpetuate this.

If other countries wish to become involved, especially the United Nations, there could be a breakthrough in ending these despicable, heinous acts,  by truly desperate people, who are most likely starving and see no other option in their survival.

Those involved in Wildlife Poaching, must be made to understand, that this is not the true answer to their problems, it is simply a short-term, stop-gap, that comes with great personal risk.

The  story is here:

How Improving Local Economy Could Solve Africa’s Wildlife Poaching Problem


The last story is new to me and was in the same email as the other two.

Just writing this sentence is so painful, I can only imagine how horrible the actual facts of the story must be.

Your reactions to it,  will tell me all that I need to know and then I will read it, if I can.

Right now, just knowing what has been done,  is already breaking my heart.

Most regretfully and apologetically,  here is the link to this despicable story:

Buried-Alive Chickens Exposed in Shocking Undercover Investigation of Nation’s Second-Largest Producer



15 thoughts on “Two Updates, One Despicable Item!

    • Yes, he is indeed.
      I despise some of the messages, but do not want this to go unknown.
      What is being done, is beyond belief for a Human being.
      Sometimes, I think that it will be just for the insects to inherit the Earth.

  1. We need the Comfrey Jacobs’ of this world … to help us all see what is happening around us – then we can spread the message and do whatever we are capable of to help change things.

    Sadly Africa is a continent under siege – and not only from those who are involved in the poaching ‘trade’. The same corporations we are seeking to call to account in our own countries are also ‘busy’ in Africa – it’s been dubbed “the new scramble for Africa” – and from what I see, it certainly isn’t in Africa’s best interests. For those wishing to grow cash crops in East Africa (destined for export) – such as tobacco and biofuels (not food!) – I could imagine Africa’s indigenous iconic fauna might prove something of an ‘inconvenience’! Our governments are providing ‘Aid’ money for this take-over to happen.

    I support an organisation called Compassion in World Farming. It is sickening how animals are treated by the very people who are supposedly ‘looking after’ them. Campaigning as a large organisation has enabled us to have an impact on animal welfare legislation here in the European Union … but we’ve still had to be very persistent to persuade some countries to enforce the legislation.

    Thanks for sharing these stories – even though they are not good news!

  2. What global problem is not caused by over-population? Too many people fighting over limited resources, creating a sinkhole of ignorance, hostility and cruelty. Until our “leaders” address population control and the value of wise and compassionate parenting, nothing will improve.

  3. Hi, I didn’t read the article…the video spoke a thousand words. It’s beyond cruel. I’m not an animal rights’ activist but i am a caring human being and this goes beyond any definition of farming. I’m appalled at what I saw. And ashamed that there is so little heart in anyone that they care nothing for another creature’s unnecessary suffering. I’m guilty. I buy. I will look into this more. Thanks for stopping by my blog and, in turn, making me more aware of what I’d really rather not have seen but am strangely glad I did.x

    • Thank you for giving me the courage to go and read the story.
      It broke my heart just to post the link yesterday, but it HAD to be done.
      You are correct, if we buy, we support.
      We have to respond to evil the only way that they understand, in their bank accounts.
      This is the entire premise for my new Blog and their NAMES are all on the LIST:
      BTW, I LOVE your Blog, it is sharp, witty and quite well written~

  4. Disgusting and shocking what even so called humane farms do to animals, re: the chicken video. I stopped eating meat, eggs, and dairy and was pleasantly surprised my husband adopted many of the same eating habits. We just don’t want to support this industry, that obviously cannot do anything right, and never will. Lack of demand is all that’s going to stop it now, especially since the industry has lobbied to make it “terrorism” to expose them in some states. That alone should make people want to give up animal products, that the industry has that much to hide!

  5. It’s bad. It’s so criminal that animals in these places have basically no rights, you can do whatever you want to them. I honestly thought the punishment for Mr. Jacobs was going to be worse based on your into–I thought perhaps he had gotten hard prison time. In any case, he is a hero.

    • A few years ago, it might have been, but
      Social Media now shines a bright light on everything.
      Were there but a thousand more like him.
      The need is so great and those willing to make this kind of sacrifice are so few.
      He is a remarkable man.

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