Ol’ One Eye!


This is a Blue eye, like mine.
Picture credit: 8th star Wikipedia


You have probably noticed that nothing new has been written for a bit, there is a reason.

As I was finishing the new Blog about Organics, it became increasingly more painful to work each day, until I knew something was terribly wrong.

My left eye felt like it had sand, or glass in it, it was raw meat!

So, after removing the Contact lens from my very irritated eye, I called my Eye Doctor and made an appointment.

When I saw him Wednesday, he gave me a lecture on good eye care and the grim news.

He told me that I have an infection in my Cornea and because I wear contacts, this means that I am now only allowed to wear one, making writing or doing many things difficult, until I see him for the follow-up next Thursday.

Under his VERY stern warning of losing my eyesight, I was told that I was, under no conditions, to put one in the affected eye, until I see him again next week!

In the mean time, doing drops in the eye 4X a day.

I am trying to read and respond to each of you, as best as possible for now, but it is hard, it hurts to stare at the computer for more than a few minutes.

The bright light of the computer screen makes my eyes most unhappy.

For now, I am spending a lot of time with my eyes closed.

Remember what you’ve heard about Doctors and Nurses being TERRIBLE patients?

It is TRUE, I am not a patient patient and doing nothing is driving me crazy!

Can’t drive and going out really hurts my eyes, I am trapped here!

So, until next Thursday, know that you are all in my mind and my heart.

Funny how addicted you become to Blogging and all that that entails.

I spent a lifetime with out WordPress, have no idea how on Earth it become so important to me, but it did/has.

Sitting here for hours, in my darkened bedroom is strange and sad, I feel like a Bat sometimes.

Poor Breanna is not sure what is wrong, but she is right here and seems content to wait this out with me.

We shall return soon and miss hearing from all of you!

Donna and Breanna

On Flagler Beach in June~



57 thoughts on “Ol’ One Eye!

  1. Sorry to hear that, I hope you’re out of pain soon. Are there no glasses he could have prescribed for you in the meanwhile, or would that take too long?

    – sonmicloud.

  2. So very sorry to hear about your eye. Enforced rest is very hard, isn’t it? Does not sound like fun!! Hope you will soon be better and back to WP. Have missed your presence here. Hugs, Ellen

    • This was one of the hardest weeks of my life.
      I am not a good patient and was a virtual prisoner in the dark.
      Am ecstatic to be cleared to write my little heart out, once again.
      Thank you Ellen.

  3. Sending you healing thoughts and harps songs on the winds . . . hope you get better quickly. I live your writing and look forward to when it resumes. Take care. You don’t have to answer.

  4. My husband has been in the eye-care business for over twenty years. Please REST your eye! Bless you with prayers of healing sent your way. So tough to be a patient! 🙂

  5. My vision is 20/400 and I have worn contacts for 30 years…I feel your pain. I hate to do without the contacts, I also have progressive featherweight glasses which are a very good thing. Hang in there.

  6. What a bummer. I guess you’re facing the sometimes hard to grasp motto of “Life on Life’s terms.” Ouch. Sending you light and love and a super dose of recovery. Blessings. :o)

  7. BE CAREFUL. I myself, my cousin and sister all lost vision because of improper eye care. In my case not getting regular checkups; my sister had the infection like you but my cousin had it wore and lost her vision in one eye. B careful Donna. Love; ~ Eric

    • Dear Eric. You are so sweet.
      Today my Doctor gave me the all clear.
      The eye is healed.
      I am so happy to be able to talk to all of you once again.
      You were all on my mind the whole time.
      Thank you.

  8. Sorry about your eye trouble. With care, it should be fine. Patience, as you say, is the problem. I totally understand. Looking forward to you blogging when you are up to it (er, when the eye is up to it!).

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