A drop  of Water
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The absence from this obviously addictive pleasure, has left me with a great deal of time to ponder what the subject of the first posting here would be, after being cleared by my Doctor to resume a somewhat normal life.

Before beginning,  I must take the time to say,  from the very depths of my heart, how much all of your comments and kind wishes and thoughts have meant to me, while I suffered here in the darkness of my self, or medically, imposed prison.

You simply overwhelmed me with your responses.

But, now back to work!

So, what was brewing, or festering in my mind all of this time?

It seemed like nearly everyday for the past week, there has been a story on our News about Water.

The problems with Water are not just local, they are Global, and they are,  or should be, our number one concern.

No water, no people, no life!

It really is that simple.

After the air that we breathe, Water is, in my opinion, the second most vital element, in sustaining all life on Earth.

The World’s problems with Water are, unlike our absolute dependence on it, quite complex and come from multiple sources.

In Ohio right now, exactly like so many places in Florida, the Water has become toxic from farm, and/or pesticide runoff.

Here in Florida, the Indian River Lagoon,  Everglades, Lakes Okeechobee and Toho, all have toxin/pollution problems that are Human caused.

Endangered and Threatened Wildlife have either already died, or are continuing to die, at all four places, even though proposals have been made to repair the damage, or improve the situation, still the deadly pollution remains.

In the meantime, no one at the top, in either state, seems to have  the temerity or the  power, to tell the farmers to stop poisoning our water supplies with their careless disposal of poisons and complete disregard for Water safety or purity.

But,  if we don’t force them to change their deadly, destructive, dangerous habits, we are all, every single living species on this planet, doomed.

Pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers are not compatible with life, they are now and will continue forever, to kill us all, until we are finally gone.

Not all of our Water problems come from chemical abuse, there are others.

Right now in many states, people cannot drink their Water because of fracking, places like Colorado and Pennsylvania have Water that can and does,  catch on fire.

Who wants to drink that?

Another disastrous Water problem,  is not what is being done to it, but the complete absence of it.

In California,  my home for over 30 years, the entire state is now in the worst drought of their history.

Entire Industries there are either dying, or are already dead, from the total lack of Water.

So, what is the answer, you ask?

Well, since the crisis with Water is Global, perhaps we should all be working together to solve this dilemma.

That really is not the appropriate word though,  is it?

This is not a dilemma, this a is a Global ” life or death “ situation, that will soon have an ending, one way or another.

We, Humans, will either do what must be done, or we will not.

Two of our planet’s most important Global Organizations, the United Nations and  the World Health Organization  are imploring us to do just this.

Nothing really big is hanging on this decision, just all life on Earth.

It is our choice,  what will we choose?

Will it be Water?


Here are a few of the many places where Water is in great jeopardy in the US:

Ohio, Florida, California, New York, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois and Texas


Some places to learn more:

Water Facts

Global Water Issues

WHO – Water

United Nations – Water Issues

Water – NRDC

World Water Day: 10 Places Most in Need of Clean Water

The Ten Biggest American Cities That Are Running Out Of Water

Driest year ever in Calif. sparks fire, water fears

Ohio Regulators Aim to Help Water Problem With Fertilizer Licenses

In Florida, Toxic Algae is a Year-Round Fight

Pollutants threaten the Everglades’ future




46 thoughts on “Water

  1. Happy to hear you are doing much better! With respect to your writing, I totally agree. Farmers and oil companies are not the only ones to blame. In the end, we as consumers are responsible as we buy their products. Individuals themselves can help too in their own backyard by only using organic products when they garden. Most fertilizers and pesticides for lawns end up our water and pollute it.

  2. Water is the life blood of Florida. Much eutrification due to fertilizer. Pollution in Biscayne Bay and with elevation of sea level(7 to 9 inches) off Miami Dade since 1920, the salt water infusion into entire south Florida aquifer seems probable sooner than later.

  3. I was not aware you were ill. I too am glad you are back. As for the subject of water … this post is an absolute must for the world to read. Secondly, I have been pulled to water like never before, photographing water everywhere I go. It is as though I am on a Sacred Mission, one that leaves me with no explanations. I live in NY, and drinking tap water is out of the question for me. I don’t know where this situation is headed, but I do know it is a dire one. You are right. Without water we die. Thank you for this post. It is needed.

    • Thank you Amy Rose.
      I was not ill, I had a Cornea Infection.
      Have been living like a Bat for about a week!
      Was thankfully, given the all clear this morning by my eye Doctor~
      This post has been percolating for months and finally came to a head this week with the disaster in Toledo.
      It brought it all home to those of us here in Florida, who are watching as our beautiful Wildlife suffer and die due to Water selfishness and thoughtlessness.

      • I’m truly sorry that this is happening. I have myself seen wildlife suffer due to the pesticide runoff that is here. It is a horror to behold. My Heart goes out to you!! (((HUGS))) Amy

  4. “Well, since the crisis with Water is Global, perhaps we should all be working together to solve this dilemma.” Great blog. Like so many of the problems we are facing, the answers lie in global cooperation— remembering that each of us has a role to play. –Curt

  5. The race for what will cause the human race extinction, will be between the absence of fossil fuels and/or potable water. Obviously there are already viable alternatives and solutions to negate both of these possibilities. But is mankind concerned enough? And more importantly, will elected legislators do anything to promote and underwrite what is available an needed?

    Good to have your back. And well!

    • Yes Eric, will we do it, or ignore it?
      The future of our species is at the point of no return right now.
      And thank you, I am in Heaven right now.
      I can see and I am writing to all of you.

  6. I think there is going to have to be a sea (?yes) change in large scale agriculture all the way down to our front yards and the way we think about a well maintained lawn and landscape and the aesthetics; it can be done, there needs to be a lot of people on the same page with no ties to big chemical or pharma…

  7. Good to see you back Donna 🙂
    You are right, it seems incredible really that more is not being done to safeguard this magical substance on which all living things rely – including ourselves! But it seems nowadays that everything must be commodified – water included. Corporations such as Nestle appear intent on removing access to the clean water that ought to be freely available to support life itself. Imagine how much profit there is in making sure that the only usable water must be bought from your business! How many people are already reliant on equipment to filter their water before use? … very similar to making sure that the only seeds you can grow are sterile and must be bought annually. This greed is certainly not good news for our planet!

  8. Hi Donna, glad to see you back in action and with such a thoughtful returning post.
    While globally oriented organizations certainly seem like a logical resource to turn to in a quest to save human existence on this planet (not to mention those species sans voice) I fear the only thing that will ever have any impact whatsoever is the changing of hearts and minds of individuals. Laws and regulations can only serve as aids to education. Laws will always be broken, regulations will always be thwarted. This is why the only hope for the human species lies in personal liberty and individual responsibility. Way to poke the bear (so to speak.) Keep up the good work!

  9. Sadly until our political system changes, campaign financing in particular, nothing significant will be done. Until we stop the flow of money from corporations and the 1%, nothing will change. My proposal to fix the system is:
    1. The only source of money for campaigns and advertising comes from the government. No soft or dark money would be allowed.
    2. Elected officials would be banned from taking money, gifts, trips, tickets, junkets from any source.
    3. Elected officials would be banned from accepting lobbyist positions for 5 years after leaving office.

    Personally I don’t think this will ever happen and the corruption of the system will continue until our planet will no longer support life at current population levels.

    • Yes!
      Wait, aren’t some of these already in place????
      Let’s throw them all out and start over with ordinary, honest people,
      not connected to anyone or anything??
      I refuse to go down without a fight.
      I vote in every single election and work to support my candidates.

    • Our political system is in dire need of reform, granted… capitalism is no panacea, granted… the solution to water (no pun please) must be a border-less solution. Something is going to have to awaken the inhabitants of Planet Earth to the responsibility incumbent upon each and everyone of us to respect Mother Earth and the fragility of life. Legend tells of an occurrence in humanity’s timeline when a solution to the perils of mankind’s selfish carelessness was attempted through the use of the ultimate force. Ironically (in this context) this force was manifested in the form of water itself – a great flood it is said. Mankind will either get this right or we will be expelled from this garden as the parasites that we are. That’s all…

  10. Pleased to know your eye has healed, it did sound painful.

    An interesting article about an important issue. I must say I take water for granted though of course realise that water supply is a huge problem worldwide and millions so not have access to clean water.

    Water, at least the lack of it, is not problem here in the UK in fact right now torrential rain and floods are the biggest issues regarding water though of course pollution by agricultural and other chemicals is a problem here as it is the world over. I have doubts that much will change. Since Rachel Carson wrote Silent Spring we have known of the dangers of pesticides, yet things have only got worse and continue to do so at an alarming rate. Unusual weather conditions with severe droughts in your country and here with even more rain than is usual is of concern and is due to global warming about which little real action is ever taken. I hate to be a pessimist but I see little changing while so much is under the control of huge corporations whose motive is profit at all costs. Unless governments or the UN enforce change nothing will ever change for the better. I fear for this world and what we will leave behind for future generations and the other creatures with whom we share this planet.

  11. We have several reasons our water is threatened and big changes need to come or we will be in short supply soon. At my house we do not fertilize or use pesticides since about 16 years ago when my neighbor became pregnant. Now we may have the ugliest lawn but it is also not adding to the of our pollution. Toilets use a huge amount of fresh water… we are so behind in the issues that are important to the survival of our species.

    • Thank you, he has allowed me to resume Blogging.
      Don’t think he truly understands how much time I devote to it though~
      After living in California for over 30 years, my heart is breaking for the entire state right now.
      This is the worst it has ever been there and their water future right now looks bleak.

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