Naughty Nudists

Royal Terns on Passage Key Wildlife Refuge in Florida
Picture credit: USFWS


When this came on our Noon News yesterday, at first I thought that it must be a joke, but as it turned out, it was quite the opposite.

A Florida Wildlife Refuge on the Gulf Coast near Tampa, called Passage Key, with a resident population of rare Native birds like Royal Terns, is being disturbed by Nudists.

The Nudists are allowed to wade in the water offshore, but are forbidden to go onto the Beach, where the Birds are Nesting.

There are signs and the area is patrolled.

This Federally protected habitat is off-limits to the public, but a seemingly ignorant and determined group of Nudists have been going ashore and the birds who are not used to having humans on their Nesting Beach area, are flying off.

This is not good.

Anyone who knows anything about wildlife, knows that when they are disturbed and their habitats are invaded,  or their daily eating routines are interfered with, they may suffer serious consequences from it.

A hungry animal that is frightened away from its food source or nest, may or may not return, before it is too late.

A few months ago, in a similar kind of Island Environment on the Atlantic Coast, also with a group of nesting rare Terns, several  dogs were allowed to run loose on the Island and they did irreparable harm to all that they encountered.

By the time it was over, the Nests, the Chicks and the Terns were all gone!

Complete, absolute and total destruction, for what?

It would be extremely sad to see a repeat of this tragedy on the West Coast.


Places to learn more:

Popular Fla. nude beach causing problem for wildlife

Birds, nudists edge for space at Passage Key

Rare birds disrupted by nudists on wildlife refuge

Newly reformed island is for the birds, not nudists, according to feds

Passage Key National Wildlife Refuge

Passage Key Wildlife Refuge



27 thoughts on “Naughty Nudists

  1. Human beings are often selfish, narrow-minded and stupid, thanks to God people like you remind us our acts have consequences! moreover the sun light is extemely dangerous, all dermatologists tell it! “Complete, absolute and total destruction, for what?” a cancer on the buttocks? What a pity! those birds are so beautiful. thank you for your enegy and strenght of character!

  2. yes it was a bit shortened because of an accident but nothing serious, I have to write with only one hand, and finally being a bit impaired is even more inspiring than beautiful landscapes! I think I will post again very soon, thank you for your kind words, take care of you, you’re so precious for so many living innocent creatures!

    • I am so very sorry to hear that your were hurt.
      In my life, it seems that this happens to me each time that I go away.
      Perhaps not going away is the key, at least in my case~
      Please do heal quickly, you are missed!

  3. You’re right! Our world would need new Gandhis… I love your site because it shows that compassion must not be bounded or limited, I mean, reserved for human beeings, of course, we must be compassionate with our brothers & sisters, but every living creatures deserve compassion – the suffering of animals caused by cruel people is absolutely unbearable, especially when it is caused by ignorance! 🙂

    • You should put those thoughts on a plaque and hang it on a wall, where many can read it.
      Truer words were never spoken!
      Concern, compassion and caring, three of the sweetest words ever created.

  4. Unfortunately, there are people who can’t read signs, or don’t care, or both. All we can do is try to educate and bring attention to the problem in all four corners of the globe. You are wonderful for all the work you do by being their voice.

  5. Reblogged this on Sunshinebright and commented:
    Too many of our animal neighbors on Earth are listed as endangered or worse; mostly because of human activity. All we can do is try to educate and bring attention to the problem in all four corners of the globe. Gator Woman is one who speaks for those who cannot speak for themselves.

  6. Nudists have to go, especially during nesting periods. There was a tiny island off the NC coast where we took our skiff to explore. There had been a small casino built there many years ago but it was ravaged by terrible storms so that nothing but walls made of thick cement and shells. When we began to roam the tiny island we noticed many bird nests of all kinds. We were there maybe half an hour, long enough to see one chick emerge, and then we left. It just wasn’t right to disturb the nesting birds. ❤

  7. After almost 30 years in the so-called Sunshine State, I can attest to the increasing stupidity of the average Floridian – nudist and otherwise.

    If any creature is allowed guns, it should be animals (non-human). That would change things in a hurry.

    Good, infuriating, post. As a resident of the TB Area I will check out this locale – maybe bring a pellet gun to ward off the naked humans……..

  8. ..and another thing…. just looked at the story on wtsp’s web site…. there was a photo of one of the ‘nudists’ who likes the island……

    why are nudists invariably among the least-attractive members of the species? wth is up with that?

  9. Welcome to Passage Key NWR
    Royal terns. Credit: USFWS

    Royal terns. Credit: USFWS

    One of the first national wildlife refuges, Passage Key National Wildlife Refuge was established in 1905. This 30-acre meandering barrier island was once a mangrove island with a fresh water lake but a hurricane in 1920 had destroyed most of the island. The island hosts the largest royal tern and sandwich tern colonies in the state of Florida.”

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