Megalopyge opercularis

Megalopyge opercularis
Picture credit: Wikipedia


Thank you so very much to Walkingfox for alerting me about this story just now.

This is a very short post because it is so important and just learned about.

I also wanted to alert as many of you, as soon as possible about this.

On our local WFTV News earlier today, was a report about, don’t laugh, a fuzzy caterpillar that is very scary.

Its scientific name is  Megalopyge opercularis  and it has been found in Florida.

DO NOT TOUCH  it under any conditions.

This thing is nasty and its toxic venom will do you great harm.

Even though it is fairly small, at about one inch long, it is the most poisonous Caterpillar in the United States.

This is not a joke, take a look at the pictures of the victims in the links below.

You, your pets and your children need to be on high alert for this creature, every single time that you are outside in your yards,  or where ever.

Please watch out for it and if any of you should come in contact with it, follow the directions on any of these links included below, immediately.

All I can say is YIKES!

And, Welcome to the Tropics.


Places to learn more:

Southern flannel moth

Puss Caterpillar or Asp — General Information

Florida’s Puss Caterpillars Pack a Venomous Punch

Doctors: Don’t pet fuzzy caterpillar

Megalopyge opercularis  –  Wikipedia



26 thoughts on “Megalopyge opercularis

  1. Good to know for anyone likely to come across one. After clicking on the links I think I have now found the most disturbing moth in universe. Thank you. 😉

    – sonmicloud

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