Please Say Yes to Amendment One

The Everglades, an exquisite Florida Natural Area
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On Election Day next Tuesday here in Florida,  although not everyone will be on board, or be all that terribly concerned, a very critical Amendment is on the Ballot and it is not about who will be our next Governor.

It is about protecting the most perfect, precious commodities that this state has, its wildlife, beautiful land and water.

This Amendment will provide a great deal of funding for our water, land, habitat and wildlife protection, for now and many  years to come, through the Florida Forever Program.

Florida has thousands, perhaps millions of acres of open and free spaces that must be protected for future generations.

And this Amendment, if it passes, will protect what many of us treasure most here, for the next 20 years.

Money collected will go to protect the Everglades, State Water Sources, as well as land and wild life habitats all over the state.

And there will be NO tax increases to pay for it.

It will be paid for with money collected on the  excise taxes on documents.

The Amendment is sponsored by the Florida Water and Land Legacy and needs a 60% voter approval to pass.

What this Amendment will protect is basically everything that makes this state the natural wonder that it is.

The wild life, the wild land and the pure clean water.

Mayor’s from six of this state’s biggest cities, have called for the Amendment to be approved.

The good it can and will do for Florida, stretches from the Keys to both Coasts and includes, the very needy Everglades, which will get a big boost as well.

Something that would make Marjory smile, as  she fought hard to preserve them all of her life.

Marjory Stoneman Douglas 1965
Marjory Stoneman Douglas with a
Miccosukee Tribe member in 1965
Photo credit: Florida State Archives


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14 thoughts on “Please Say Yes to Amendment One

  1. i’m not an american and i don’t usually comment on your politics but what you say here makes great sense to me
    and should be universally an issue so Good Luck with it on tuesday

    • Thank you John.
      Everything that this Amendment does is everything that I care about, wild animals, wild places and clean water.
      But then you must know by now, that I am usually in the minority on many issues here in Florida~

  2. Well everyone, I must say this sounds like a “no-brainer” to me. Mother Earth gets a helping hand and we get to undo some of the damage we have caused. No new tax and we pay it forward for the next generations. Time to get out and vote Florida. Remember that there is no planet B. Hugs, Barbaea

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