Power, Panthers, People: Who Will Win?


The magnificent Florida Panther
Photo credit: sfwmd.gov

**Thought about this in my sleep last night and wanted to add it.**
The  “sunshine state” should never build another fossil fuel power plant,
everything from this point on should be green energy, as in solar and wind.
Florida has an abundance of both and should be using them NOW!!


The magnificent Florida Panther is without a doubt, the most critically Endangered animal in America, with only 100 or so, still alive today.

This is a sickening fact to repeat here, as they once were everywhere in the Southern United States.

One by one, various Companies have declared war on the land or habitats that the much beloved, beleaguered Panther clings to in its never-ending struggle to survive the ravages of ignorant, selfish and uncaring Humans.

First there was the threat of fracking and now Florida Power and  Light wants to take more land and even more water away from this beautiful Florida treasure.

Animals activists,  FWS and others have been trying to stop the threatening energy exploration and expansion into this fragile habitat for years, but with each step forward, they are ultimately pushed back two.

The Power Companies like Florida Power and Light and the mega monster Duke Energy, which just gobbled up Progress Energy and may likely eventually do the same with FPL,  are running serious campaigns here,  to get every drop of energy out of the land, despite the corpses that will surely  be left behind.

If this happens and Duke Energy does buy them out, they have way too many resources in their very deep pockets, so  it looks like a gloomy future for any, or all,  who choose to  oppose them.

One of the most beautiful parts of Florida has now become a battle ground and the next victim may be the magnificent, pristine Big Cypress.

The big Power Companies, especially Duke, have lobbyists, lawyers and legislators on their side, the Seminoles, Panthers and Orchids, have only a fraction of the money necessary to even stand a chance.

The Seminole Tribe of Florida in their effort to protect themselves and the Panther, have become the latest  champion and partner in what has become a fight for all of their survivals.

Yes, the Tribe has an agreement with the USFWS to do just that, but there is so much more going on here, than just honoring an agreement with a Government Agency.

What Florida Power and Light wants to do next, is to build a new power plant just north of the Reservation, which is also next to the Big Cypress.

Every living thing around this hotly debated area could be put in great peril.

If this Power Plant is allowed to be completed, aside from the obvious damage to the Wildlife, Wild Plants, Environment and Indigenous Culture of the people, this plant will also use 22 million gallons of water, every single day, which will be devastating news for all concerned.

The highly cherished,  fragile Ghost Orchid  also lives in the swamps near this affected area and the thought  of killing it outright or through poisoning,  or depletion of its life-giving water, is absolutely unacceptable.

Whether the Seminoles or the Power Companies will win this war is unknown, but for the Panther, this may just be their very last chance.

Power, Panthers, People: Who Will Win?


Places to learn more:

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31 thoughts on “Power, Panthers, People: Who Will Win?

  1. What a wonderful and beautiful animal! I’ve read that scientists warn of early stages of Earth’s 6th mass extinction… Wo will win? Not mankind for sure… but Nature is strong… and people LIKE YOU help it to do miracles! Thank you ♥

  2. Another beautiful animal that may not survive…we press on in our determination to remove
    the innocent and the magnificent.
    Thank you for this post and for making people aware.
    Bless You!

  3. Ironic, isn’t it, that just last week the people voted yes for Amendment 1. I was thinking the whole time that all we’re doing is buying land for the power companies to rape for free.

  4. Such beautiful animals. I was friends with Sharon Negri in California when she put together the effort to save California’s cougars. A truly beautiful soul. Here’s hoping Florida’s cougars can survive. –Curt

    • Having lived in California for 30+ years, where so many animals/wildlife are cherished, it is really difficult to come here and see the way that animals are treated, or should I say mistreated.
      Ignorance and abuse abound here….

  5. I began my career in journalism as a Florida reporter writing, partly, mostly, about environmental issues. This was a long time ago. There is no more journalism. What passes for reporting . . . is pathetic. So it’s good that you keep track of these people.

    Remember this: We live in a time of facism – under the old-school definition which was big corporations and government collaborating/conspiring/planning/colluding (the difference between a conspiracy and a plan being merely your point of view). This definition changed after WWII – big corporations did not like the definition. Hence, facism today equates to Hitlerian political antics.

    But it is facism nonetheless. What can you say about a state that is about to allow one so-called energy company to control the entire market? This is facism.

    More proof: Governments fine big banks $4.3 BILLION for fixing financial markets. Yet no one – no one – goes to jail. The bank pays the fine. Meaning its shareholders. There are no longer any consequences if you are rich enough. If I steal a candy bar from my local market I face greater repercussions than the people who run the ongoing criminal enterprises known as banks.


    Why were banks fined? Because they messed with currency markets – and governments don’t like it when people play with their money. It’s like when traders at Salomon Bros rigged the Treasury Market in the 1990s. That was the end of Salomon as we knew it. At least then the top guy at Salomon, John Gutfreund, was banned from ever again being CEO of a financial firm. But he only paid a $100,000 fine. Salomon paid $290 million. Which actually wasn’t bad seeing as how it was a private partnership – so the fat cat owners took the hit.

    My solution, again: We give all the animals guns. Really, really big guns. And lots of bullets.

    This won’t keep the banks from being banks. But I’ll feel a lot better.

  6. This is an excellent post! I’m glad to learn about panthers (I hate to admit that before this I didn’t know much), and so I thank you for bringing their plight to the attention of your readers.

  7. Thanks for speaking up for these amazing creatures, and their equally amazing (and now, equally RARE) habitat. I’m just stunned this is continually up for grabs.

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