Deadly Silence

Hide baby, you’re safe, for now!
Picture credit: MWanner


Try to picture this scene.

You are strolling along a path in the lovely, tranquil Ocala Forest of Central Florida, walking with your wife/husband and children, when suddenly without warning, you are shot, perhaps killed.

There had not been a sound.

So, how did this tragedy happen and why?

I will explain in a minute.

Now also imagine driving along the familiar road you always take to go into town to the store and you happen upon a group of people and their vehicles pulled over and parked on the shoulder of the road.

They are all, either standing, or sitting, on the hoods or roofs of their trucks.

And what are they doing you ask?

Well, don’t be silly, they are shooting their rifles into the woods at animals.

These are Florida Hunters.

Yes, we are smack in the middle of Florida Deer Hunting Season right now.

But, this is nothing new, this sickening scene is repeated here every single Hunting Season.

So, what is different about now?

Now, these Hunters shooting into the woods all around us, can legally use silencers on their rifles when they hunt.


Because the State of Florida, aka FFWC, has just given them permission to do so.

This was done at a meeting that just took place way down south, where not many people apparently bothered to travel to, to voice their thoughts.

As if it wasn’t already dangerous enough that these idiots are firing from their vehicles into the woods,  where  they cannot possibly see clearly enough, or  far enough, to be sure, or safe, they can now carry out this insanity using a silencer, so that no one in the woods where they are shooting, will even know that they are about to be shot and possibly even be killed.

Can you imagine how far an errant bullet can go in the woods?

And now no one will even know it is happening!

The NRA and Hunters are as to be expected, simply giddy over this.

Now Florida Hunters, can be just like the 32 other states in America, that also allow this insanity.

I only have one question.

What are these people ingesting?

Oh wait, marijuana has not been approved to be used here, so that can’t be it.

I give up.

The State of Florida once again, defies all reason or sanity.

That’s all folks…

Florida’s Hunters, will now and forver after, be killing in deadly silence.


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47 thoughts on “Deadly Silence

  1. The bucks have been hanging out on our property lately. At least they are safe here. And the hunters I know, have an ethical approach to hunting.

    Actually the bucks are hanging out here, because a number of does live in the area. T’is the season. Actually it is quite hilarious to watch as the bucks chase, and chase, their favorite girls. I feel for the does, however, who seem to be saying, enough already! –Curt

  2. There is a judgment day, Donna, for the politicians and the hunters. Their ignorance for life, of all kinds, will be their demise. And life in the spirit world will reign, beautifully, for the less fortunate including our four-legged beings.

    • Thank you Eric.
      I have known about this for two days, but had other things that had to be done first.
      It has been festering in my head/heart until I could share it today.
      I want the people who live here to know that they can be shot and never even know or hear, that it is coming.

  3. This is surely the Age of Lunacy, as if nothing at all has been learned from luminaries like Rachel Carson, John Muir, David Attenborough, Jane Goodall and Ansel Adams. If a wise man speaks to an audience of fools, does he make a sound? I can’t fathom why ignorance is gaining momentu and decency is disappearing.

  4. Just when I thought we might be making some ever-so-slight progress–but where did I ever come up with that fanciful notion I wonder.

  5. Such brave clever men/women. (*dark angry sarcasm). There’s an Ellen DeGeneres quote I rather like –

    “I ask people why they have deer heads on their walls. They always say because it’s such a beautiful animal. There you go. I think my mother is attractive, but I have photographs of her.”


    ps – I sent you an email to reply to a comment you left earlier * smiles*

    – sonmi upon the Cloud

  6. They make it harder to vote than it is to buy a gun and put a silencer on it. If you’re an old white guy you can kill and person of color and get away with it. But don’t smoke that joint. You’ll go to jail for that.

  7. You couldn’t make it up! Shooting into woodland, with no warning! It can only end badly – seems like the open season for hunting means nobody else can safely walk there! Stay safe, Donna, while the lunatics are out!

    • We are not really safe even in our homes during Hunting Season here.
      Bullets can and do go right through walls.
      It is a sickening, sad time for the animals that have no chance.

      • Florida Fish and Wildlife did, with the complete approval of those who run this state in Tallahassee.
        Do remember that 32 other states here also allow this insanity now!!!
        It all about money and power, the NRA has very deep pockets and so do those who love to Hunt.

      • Yeah – I guess I mean what kind of people would support this behaviour … and we call this ‘civilised society’! Even among the hunting fraternity, it does seem complete madness to allow shooting with no warning where people live and walk.

    • Yes, Hunting Season here, is a time of complete madness and sorrow.
      It is difficult to know who to feel sorrier for, the terrified animals about to be murdered,
      or the poor hunting dogs that are often so badly treated by their owners.

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  9. How awful, it’s bad enough the hunters are allowed to kill helpless animals but to allow them to do so in silence compounds the problem of course. Surely in a modern society there should be no place for hunting. Here in the UK we are thankfully nearing the end of the grouse shooting season, when big brave hunters are allowed to shoot tiny birds. How anyone can derive pleasure from killing another living being I will never understand.

  10. This is so poignant! I’m against hunting anything. What’s most, how could anyone shoot an innocent and noble creature such as deer, who are THE masters of the woods, NOT the humans.

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