No More!

Tilikum “performing” at Sea World Orlando
Picture credit:  David R. Tribble


Today, I am both delighted and beyond proud, to be a part of a group of people, a Global Community that  took on the Giant Sea World, and according to our local news here this  morning, has likely brought the Giant to its knees.

The years of Boycotts, protests, angry words and wholesale withdrawal from this once powerful, popular Global Attraction, with 3 parks across the southern US, in Florida, California and Texas, have made an impact that cannot be denied.

We can all take credit, this was a Global effort and we did it together.

Big Companies no longer ignore us, they know that we will not go away and that they will have to respond and/or change the way that they do business.

As for Sea World, they now know that we are quite serious, animal abuse will not be tolerated.

Was it only a short time ago that a prolific, tenacious Blogger forced Subway to change an ingredient in their bread that is used in rubber mats?

Here in Florida , the news has been non stop that Sea World has lost its leader, CEO Jim Atchison, is laying off 300 employees, and with attendance in free fall and profits and stocks in huge decline, the company is nearly in crisis mode.

The response from Sea World is that because their profits and revenue according to them, are down, they need to make cuts and adjust accordingly, to make up for their losses, which they blame not on their abusive company practices, but on the backlash from the film Blackfish.

Way to go Sea World, accept absolutely no responsibility, just blame your company’s dismal state of affairs on all of those terrible trouble making, activist people.

I am very sorry for any who will lose their jobs, but hopefully they will find employment with an Organization that values ALL life, especially ones that are so profusely used and abused.

If you ever had any doubts about the power of the Human Spirit, think again.

This has all come about for one simple reason.

You cared!!! (Sorry Adam)

Beginning with the film Blackfish and continuing for many months, the relentless, determined Blogging and Activist Communities, have never let up.

They were determined that what goes on at Sea World needs to stop, now.

Sea World Trainer Dawn Brancheau died here at Orlando needlessly.

She should never have been in that water with  Tilikum  who unknown to many, had a history of violent outbursts.

Others had been killed.

Tilikum had been captured, no, kidnapped, near Iceland and kept in captivity since 1983, being used for among other things, a breeding animal and continuous performer.

If this had been a human it would have been punishable by prison time.

What on Earth gives any Human the right to take an animal from the wild and use it for their own financial gain?

The groups that are united to bring down and stop this inhumane behavior are legendary including, PETA, the ASPCA, along with a World-Wide Network of animal activists and supporters, who will not give up, nor yield to pressure from anyone, to stop.

Now with the present day, well-connected era of total social media coverage that includes television, U tube, Facebook, Twitter and currently most used for lengthy and well written arguments, our own beloved WordPress.

We are a huge, global resource and we will no longer be dismissed, shunned, ignored or placated by any Organization that uses and abuses animals for personal profit or greed.

As anyone who uses the public media is already keenly aware of, animals of all breeds, species and kinds, are being abused everywhere around the world, and the public outcry has now become deafening.

We may not have stopped it all, but on this day we can at the very least say:
Attention Sea World, It’s Over!

The voices of a united Global animal community have been loud and long and their prayers and demands have finally been answered.

On this day, we are saying in one resounding voice, no more!


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52 thoughts on “No More!

  1. Each step will lead to the next step, and soon there will be a stampede. What wonderful news on this gloomy day. You have brought some sunshine to my heart, and I thank you for it.

  2. I’m very happy to hear that so many people got together and fought for what they cared about, and have made a difference!!! I’m hoping, as I know you are too, that all the Sea World locations will shut down, or change the way they treat their animals.

    • I for one, do not wish to see them shut down,
      but merely to change their thinking
      and behavior when it comes to all creatures.
      In the past they have done much to help injured wildlife,
      this is their strong point and they need to expand on it.

  3. Thanks for your commitment to this cause. I enjoy visiting aquariums as the sea life is so fascinating and I would not see it otherwise. This summer we visited the one in Quebec city. Not sure if the walrus entertainment is cruel or not. They seem to enjoy the crowds and they get plenty of fish when performing. Their pool when not performing is big and the visitors love them. But I did wonder about the walrus “show”. Any thoughts?

      • I agree that animals should not be made to perform. But we really do not know if the animals enjoy the attention. I do not think it is all about profit. There is educational value for aquariums, helps educate public about not polluting the sea, not eating shark fins etc etc. and the upkeep is expensive. I think the educational value exceeds profit. I doubt they make big profits.

  4. Well Thank-You Donna for all your wonderful posts this year. I want to wish you a Merry Xmas and a Wonderfully blessed New-Year ❤

    • You are so very dear to both of us.
      Thank you for all of your support this year.
      Having friends like you, gives me the courage to continue.
      Bless you for your beautiful, kind and loving heart!

  5. What wonderful news and an excellent and motivating article. Its good to know that it is possible to make a difference. One day we will see an end to all animal exploitation, this is a great step forward.

    Again all my best wishes for a great new year for you.

  6. Knowing these beautiful, wild creatures had this much brain power, how could anyone cage and abuse them the way they have!

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