Hacked and Back!

Breanna and me at Flagler Beach.


Yes, I have been away.

But the reason was entirely out of my hands.

Dealing since October with biopsies, surgeries and weekly trips to Gainesville for melanomas was a piece of cake compared to the past five weeks.

This time it is all mental stress.

If you are here, it is likely because you care about animals, wildlife to be exact.

And so do I, BIG TIME.

In 2008, my passion for their well-being led me to create a website to address the countless Issues about them and it was called, Gator-Woman.com.

The reason for this unique name is a long story for another time.

This website has been a source of comfort to work on all of these years, believing, perhaps in vain, that it mattered and might be of use to others.

The website was also the reason that I initially came to WordPress, looking for a broader audience for the Issues and the animals, as well as a chance to interact with the readers, that I found just wonderful.

It was how I came to know and love all of you.

But, for the past two years it became  apparent that some group was doing dastardly deeds to it and the Navy website that I had made for Walkingfox.

I reported these unknown hackers and their ads on our sites, on numerous occasions to Network Solutions, the company  that is/was hosing them to deaf ears, being blamed each and every time, for using Front Page to build them.

Then about the first week of December, with no warning, Gator-Woman just left the building.

It was gone.

A Google search showed the entire world, that it had been “HACKED”.

At the place where Gator-Woman should be, was now advertising for Air Jordan shoes!

It and the Navy site were both paid for until May 2016.

My calls to complain were futile, once again it was all my fault, I was told.

So, I chose a new host and had it put back up on their servers but, with a new name.

The new site is:   Walking with the Alligators

Then a week later, my one year old Sony Vaio laptop just died.

This was the one bought to replace the ones that has been stolen from us last Fall on Vacation.

I was understandably freaking out.

Best Buy did their best to try to save the data, but the external hardrive soon revealed nothing had survived.

Pictures, data, all lost forever.

They said that the OS had croaked.

I found this odd, I have two other Sony Vaio laptops, that are much older and still working just fine.

Can I tell you how much I hated using Windows 8 from day one?

My laptop was now as empty as my website.

It was all gone.

I have spent the past five weeks trying to recover, rebuild and save what I could from all of this.

As of today, it is nearly done and as soon as the transfer is complete, perhaps later today, his Navy site will also be in a new home.

Hopefully, when I put it back up, it will be minus the 3,000 pages of purses, shoes and other that have been selling quite freely and illegally on his Navy site from a place called according to the illegal pages: “Chanel Outlet.com”

My feelings about HACKERS are this: they do nothing, they give back nothing.

They are thieves and criminals without consciences.

And when apprehended,  many of them say that they do it for fun.

These past five weeks have NOT been fun!

Yes, our sites have been viciously HACKED and attacked by unknown evil, but we now and forever, will refuse to allow them to beat us.

We will not go away and we,  as you can see are, Hacked and Back.



54 thoughts on “Hacked and Back!

  1. I am sorry my friend for such stress. But all the same, I am grateful to God that you were able to recover the information back although not completely. The Lord’s judgement will be upon those thieves. More of God’s blessings and protection for you in the name of Jesus Christ.

  2. That’s terrible! As though you have not had enough to worry about! Horrible people with nothing better to do than cause turmoil and pain to others tsk. Good to see you back. Never give up, never give in!

    – sonmi upon the Cloud

  3. What a nightmare as if you have not been through enough as it is. Life can be so unfair. I am so sorry to hear about your problems, I do so sympathise. If its not one thing, its another. I can’t understand how your website host can claim it was your fault. I use Front Page for my website and have had no problems so far with hacking. All Front page does is create the code. As your website is located on your hosts server it is up to them to provide added security.

    Glad you got back all your data. I recall how awful it was when my hard drive malfunctioned and lost all my data , a lot of which was not backed up.

    Life seems so perverse sometimes, a challenge to say the least .

    I hope life improves for you soon and you can put all this behind you. Pleased to see you back.

  4. Oh brother, what a mess you have been dealing with! And that on top of the other medical issues… I would be lucky to remember my own name! I hope you get back up to normal real soon. Be well, Lady!

    PS: I spent many hours on Flagler Beach playing in the sand while my parents fished. ❤ 🙂

    • Thank you Jackie.
      The pain is going away fast as I am able to talk to all of you today.
      Flagler is one of our favorite getaway places.
      We go up as often as we can.
      That Beach is dog friendly, as is the entire town~

  5. Wow. I hope your health issues are successfully being treated. Your computer problems, I can surely sympathize with, but too computer ignorant to help. All I keep thinking is, they say nothing completely disappears from the internet – could it be within the Wayback Machine by any chance? If not, it would take another hacker to find it, I think.

  6. What a struggle life can be sometimes. You really had your share of misery, I hope all this dirt will go away for good, dear Donna.

  7. Sounds like you’ve had an absolute nightmare time, Donna! Glad to hear you were able to rescue a lot! I have thought about you a few times and wondered if you were taking time out to help your recovery. Good to see you back! I knew you would be!

    • Thank you Peggy.
      It has been Hell.
      The worry over whether any or all of it, could be found and or saved was the battle.
      Many years of work were involved and if I could get my hands on these people they would be missing body parts.

      • I can only imagine how awful it was, Donna! I guess it is dire times like this when we realise how important backups and offline archives are.

        Are you attempting to pursue the ‘who’ or ‘why’ or just trying to move on from the whole thing? I’m not surprised you’re darned angry about it!

  8. So sorry to hear about the website hack attacks. I had a couple of sites hacked also, but they did not represent years of work – like yours. And to have responsibility for clients, too. What a nightmare!

    Did these sites use the wordpress.org platform? You mention FrontPage, so perhaps html sites?

    Any backups? Many hosting services do that automatically. But after my hacking experiences I learned to manually download backups from the host backend (for me, CPanel). I had self-hosted WordPress.org sites, so I also experimented with many, many backup plugins to automate this process. I finally found one that worked well, saving the database + files (the whole site) to Google Drive (free storage). I believe it was UpdraftPlus. (In case it’s helpful in the future.)

    I also employed two very good security plugins, and I watched my sites like a hawk. Very time consuming, and of course, I had to keep up with the latest WP tech advances… and on and on. I had very little time to actually do any blogging.

    While I’m thinking of it, those of us on WordPress.com should be using the export tool on a regular basis to save our posts – as insurance.

    Meanwhile. All my sites are now on WordPress.com. I hated giving up the beautiful themes and amazing plugins available for use at WordPress.org. (I love customizing themes!) But on the upside, at WordPress.com you don’t need to worry about backups, maintenance or page speed. (Although exporting your posts is wise!) And no hosting fees. In addition, the community at WordPress.com is amazing. It is invaluable for anyone who wants to build traffic. My WordPress.Org sites rarely received visitors.

    I have decided, when I am ready to take a site to the next level, I will go with the WordPress.com Professional or Business package. It is good value, and far fewer headaches.

    Sorry if the WordPress stuff isn’t pertinent to you. Still, I feel your pain.

    Going forward, safe and happy blogging!

    • Thank you so much for your kind thoughts and good advice.
      These were well paid for outside hosted web sites.
      The company continues to blame all of the trouble on Front Page.
      A quick Google search proved the real truth.
      They have had thousands of their well paid for hosted sites hacked, many were lost forever.
      This company was once highly regarded by us and others, but since they were bought out by
      Web.com, they have gone away, quite literally.
      When you call them, you NEVER get to speak with anyone in this country, unless you demand it.
      I have taken all of our sites to other places, with site guard dogs.
      Only one is left and it will be gone very soon as well.

  9. Dear Donna, what a time of it You have had ! I’m so glad you are not giving-up and it’s so wonderful to have you back with us. You were missed. And It goes without saying I love You and Sachem dearly. Much Love, Adam xx

  10. M’lord!!! I have no words. How can anyone do something like this? I know another blogger who has big problems with cyber-stalking. And it hasn’t been easy for her. Sorry that this happened to both of you. The amount of work that we put into creating our spot/home is incredible. And invaluable. I think this world of ours is going, if not gone, bonkers.

    Hugs, tight hugs!! ❤

  11. Good to have you back and thumbs up for your courage and fight and
    a big finger to the little bastards who tried to defeat you..the world is full
    of nasties, unfortunately, but they’re not going to win.

    In admiration


    • Thank you John.
      I need to be here more than any of you know.
      This place and the ability to talk to all of you about the Issues animals everywhere are facing,
      means the world to me.

  12. I have missed your posts and presence, Donna. I’m glad to hear you’re back and almost done cleaning up the hacker mess. I also appreciated hearing about your struggles – it’s an important thing to keep in mind! I just plugged in a flashdrive so I can back up my wordpress posts 🙂

  13. Hello hello! Welcome back — but I’m so incredibly sorry for all the craziness that you’ve been experiencing. I hope you’re feeling well, and I send you loads of good thoughts and love. I promise to return to the WP fold soon — I need it!!!!

  14. Hi Donna, welcome back. Sorry to say I have been absent from the visitation side of the blogging scene due to site building projects. I heard about your troubles only on the red carpet on the night of the “Clowdies” awards (congratulations on the well deserved accolades given to you there.)
    Bless your heart, for not simply throwing in the towel through all of the horror. You may now don the “webmaster” badge and wear it with pride. This you do for the animals. Monsters Be Damned!

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