MRSA and Melanomas, Good News?

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MRSA picture credit: National Institutes of Health                        Publix Organic Breakfast Blend Coffee


By now you all know about my years as a Nurse and my recent battles with Melanomas, so today I wish to share two positive and potentially hopeful stories about them.

The first story is about MRSA, the serious bacterial infection and its link to the campus of USF in Tampa.

Two brilliant young microbiologists, Lindsey N. Shaw and Whittney Burda, and a very talented group of their colleagues at USF are causing the medical community and the world to take notice of their achievements and the promise that their work may very soon deliver, to stop one of the deadliest, most contagious infections, in its tracks.

Only a short time ago, a MRSA outbreak made local news here, as several Tampa Bucs players were announced to have become infected with it.

MRSA is not new to football and the repeated use and overuse of antibiotics may have enabled it to become nearly immune to them now.

This is also not new.

Antibiotic abuse has been a long time concern to me and many others in the Nursing field.

MRSA has over the years, affected both College and NFL players, who by the very nature of their sport and the conditions that surround it, can provide a nearly perfect breeding ground for it.

The NFL and American Schools have learned to deal with it quickly, as it is so highly contagious and can spread rapidly through Teams.

If left untreated, MRSA can be deadly, at the very least, it can be crippling, so this possible breakthrough at USF in Tampa, is welcome news and hopefully their discoveries will take down one of the most insidious infections mankind has ever known.

The second story is about Melanomas and the bright light that has just been shown on what may be of help to those who now, or in the future may possibly develop them.

Although the evidence is not fully conclusive, it is being said that drinking 2 or more cups of caffeinated coffee daily, may lower the risk of getting Melanomas.

As one who has, on a regular basis, consumed at least 2 cups of  Organic coffee daily for many years, this comes as very good news.

The stories linked below show the negative and positive thinking on this, but personally I am more than happy to believe that my passion for coffee may have a secondary plus side in my case.

Keep in mind, that the coffee must be regular, not decaffeinated and you should drink at least 2 cups daily or more, to have the believed beneficial effects.

As always, please do check with your Doctor before doing anything new, just in case you have always been a tea drinker~

I write this to you while sipping my delicious Publix Organic Breakfast Blend Coffee.

Could my passion turn out to be my protector?

Here’s to more good news to follow about MRSA and Melanomas~


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21 thoughts on “MRSA and Melanomas, Good News?

  1. BIG SMILE!!! I knew all along when my Heart told me it’s OK to drink caffeinated coffee, yes, TWO cups per day, I was doing good for me. I am doing the Happy Dance and a HA HA to all the others who kept saying coffee is not good for you! Yep, organic coffee for me too!! YAY!!! And regarding MRSA and antibiotics as an RN myself, I’ve seen this danger for years. I shake my head at the blatant abuse of antibiotics and how that brings so much harm to the body. I stay away from antibiotics. I believe in the power of Echincea. (((HUGS))) Amy

  2. I deeply share your interest in melanoma and MRSA with you. I am also a nurse. And, I have three family member with melanoma. My brother had a third of his back removed in 1980 and is alive and well today to talk about it. An uncle and his son, my cousin also have been diagnosed with it. I also drink organic coffee and now I love it even more. Thank you, my friend.

  3. I love the taste of coffee but I rarely ever have it and then it is decaf. Or as my youngest used to say – the green kind.

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