No, No, No!

A magnificent Florida Black Bear


The FFWS Meeting will be tomorrow at 8:30 AM at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Jacksonville,
225 East Coastline Drive on the Third floor. Phone number is 904 588-1234

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission • Farris Bryant Building
620 S. Meridian St. • Tallahassee, FL  32399-1600 • (850) 488-4676


Dear Readers.

I know how very tired you must be of  seeing and hearing this, but by this time tomorrow, it may all be over for our magnificent Florida Black Bears.

The meeting will be in Jacksonville

We all knew this, it has been talked about everywhere.

But the stories have been quite remiss on every channel, as to when and where, this meeting will actually take place.

Was/is this intentional to keep those of us who are outraged by this away?

The idea that it can and will, soon be OPEN season on our Bears is inconceivable.

One of the most beautiful and majestic beings to ever live in this state will, if this is passed and I am positive it will be, hunted down, shot and killed like any of the other wild animals here, that are already being murdered for SPORT.

The idea that I/we may soon have to drive past the gruesome scene on the side of our county roads here in Lake County with these maniacs with guns and silencers will NOW be killing Black Bears, legally.

It was only one short year ago that I called and spoke with the man at the top here and he promised me that this would NEVER happen.

If you have a phone, a computer or any form of communication at hand right now,

please do what ever you can to tell FFWS that this is complete insanity.

Just a short time ago this animal was listed as Endangered and now it is about to be hunted.

Below is the Bear Petition with more information.

Please think of one of the most beautiful creatures that God has ever made,  lying dead on a road, only  to be hauled off  and dismembered, by someone who cares nothing for the beauty that it was/is, only the bragging rights for ending its life.


Here is the Bear Petition, please sign it and share it:   Bear Petition



35 thoughts on “No, No, No!

  1. This is the same thing that happens with the Wolves, when they start “misbehaving”, “boom!”, they have to be hunted down. Just how can a wild animal “behave”, this is the most poignant issue humans have to face when dealing with top predators. Humans want to be “nice”, but those top predators better don’t get too close!!!! What a disillusionment with homo sapiens….

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    • You are so correct John.
      The story is on the news right now and as always they are calling Bears a ” nuisance.”
      The problem is with the people and their ignorant behavior that brings the Bears into harm’s way.

  3. Signed and shared. And yes, they are trying to keep you from attending. It is the same as Congress voting themselves raises during secret night sessions–they know that’s the only way they can get it passed.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and with those magnificent animals who have more sense than the human (?) butchers who think they rule the world. Human but not Humane, they should all be caged and put on display somewhere, threatened with open season on themselves if they carry thru on this bill. Sorry, I’m just fed up with the idiots who are killing Mother Earth and all that was put here for the human animal to use for good of mankind. Now we seem to have taken the human part out and have only the animal part left in so many of them, possibly myself included in times like this.

  4. So sad to see this, Donna – I remember you saying last year about the black bear ‘problem’. It is grotesque the way humans decide whether other species should live or die.

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