Lovely Leatherback~

A Nesting Florida Leatherback Sea Turtle
Dermochelys coriacea
Photo credit: NOAA – Public Domain

For those fortunate ones of us who live here in the tropical paradise known as Florida, the news this morning brought a rare and treasured site and story, it was of a Leatherback Sea Turtle who had recently been seen on the beach at Canaveral National Sea Shore, laying her eggs.

According to reporter Dan Billow, who has covered the Florida Space Coast for over 25 years for WESH TV, this was a once in a lifetime occurrence.

What made it so,  was the fact that the lovely Leatherback weighing in at over 800 pounds, was doing her nesting and egg laying in broad daylight, something that rarely ever happens.

The Leatherback is the largest of our Florida Sea Turtles and this was a blessing for those of us here, who love them and do everything possible to ensure their safety during nesting season, which hopefully will also guarantee their future.

The Leatherback is one of three Florida Sea Turtles who are listed as Endangered, the List also includes the Green and Hawksbill Sea Turtles.

The story today about this Sea Turtle mother makes what we saw happen in our own front yard yesterday even sweeter.

Harriet our resident Gopher Tortoise, was next to her primary hole/tunnel, at about noon, quite busy sending sand flying, it appeared that she then made a small mound or nest and looked to be laying her own eggs.

We both found this news interesting, as we did not know that Sea Turtles and Gopher Tortoises did their nesting at the same time.

We may be grandparents again soon and we are, as to be expected, both thrilled.

The representative from the Park Service and the TV News reporter both agree that things may finally be looking up for this gentle giant.

Congratulations and Happy Mother’s Day to a Lovely Leatherback~

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22 thoughts on “Lovely Leatherback~

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  2. What great news. Here we are also watching the north coast of P.R. because turtles are coming back here to nest again; which means this North Atlantic shore around where I live has been a nesting site for years. All the nesting sites have been labeled and fenced in.

    “Female sea turtles, known to swim thousands of miles before returning to their birthplace to lay eggs, find their way home by relying on unique magnetic signatures along the coast, a new study finds. “We reasoned that if turtles use the magnetic field to find their natal beaches, then naturally occurring changes in the Earth’s field might influence where turtles nest,” Brothers said.

    A look at the data, from 1993 to 2011, confirmed this idea. At certain times in some places, Earth’s magnetic field shifted so that magnetic signals from nearby beaches moved closer together. During these times, turtle nests densely covered these areas, they found.”-

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