Coral Crisis

Many thousands of species call Coral Reefs home~
Picture credit: underwater universe


Yesterday on WUCF, our local PBS Channel, there was an excellent dual story about Coral Reefs and the depressing decline of them worldwide and also one about the alarming situation with Oysters.

Coral Reefs are one of the most threatened and most in peril of all the world’s ecosystems and the future does not look good, unless, we step in and do what is necessary to stop what may soon become complete decimation.

Renowned Australian Scientist, Marine Ecologist, Dr. Katharina Fabricius and her team have worked tirelessly for many years studying the negative impacts of various factors on Coral Reefs and Marine Life around the Globe and the program yesterday was dedicated to their work.

Living here in the Sunshine State, we are blessed with the ability to take a short drive down to the Keys and see our very own Coral Reefs in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary.

But the pleasure of seeing the immense beauty of Coral Reefs, may be short-lived for all of us.

I can feel Al Gore breathing down my neck, as I write this, but one fact taught in my Geology Classes, was that the Earth has repeatedly, over millions of years, chilled and warmed since its inception.

However, our very bad habits are speeding things up right now.

Yes, we Humans are quite to blame for many of these changes in Global Marine Life and Coral Reefs, as well as other bodies of water and threatened wildlife.

The current impact of Global Warming, whether our Governor, or anyone else in Government or politics, wants to admit, believe, or deny it, is affecting everything that lives, grows and swims in our Global Seas.

And yes, we are causing and are to blame, for a great deal of this.

We Humans use pesticides, poisons and chemicals everywhere, without a thought as to what they will do to all living things, including us!

Rivers, streams, lakes and oceans are being murdered and are dying a slow painful death, due to our ongoing ignorance, greed and stupidity.

We cannot continue our evil ways and expect that the planet will just deal with it.

Our planet and entirely too many living things on it, especially our Coral Reefs, are in crisis mode.

We made this mess, now we need to clean it up.


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21 thoughts on “Coral Crisis

  1. Just as there is poaching for ivory; there’s also poaching for coral and sea turtle shells. It’s a black market economy. Supposedly now there is a law forbidding anyone to own, wear or sell red coral jewelry. Red coral jewelry was extremely popular and fashionable in the past. Supposedly now there is a law strictly forbidding artisans to work this material or sell it. Whether it’s being reinforced, I think it is because I simply don’t see this type of jewelry anymore around the stores here. I don’t know about other countries, however. It’s like ivory, you think you may have stopped it somewhere but it continues somewhere else.

  2. I also live in the Sunshine state, and am concerned about the damage to our oceans and the fantastic living creatures therein. Thanks for this interesting and valuable post. Awareness and proactive stance is vital. Let’s hope we can convince our legislators of this fact.

    • Those in power and control here have an agenda that rarely parallels mine!
      The health of our environment and animals and their safety and well being are not high on their totem poles.
      We need to clean up the Florida House and Senate and find those who will put the welfare of our state’s most precious gift, our wild things, at the top instead of more money in their pockets.

  3. I like to believe we are learning. It was 45 years ago that I joined the environmental movement. And there are times when I feel we have made progress, and other times, well, not so much. Like we are moving two steps backward for every step forward. The positive thing is, we have seen that the downward spiral can be reversed when people care, when the necessary efforts are made. But the fight is never easy. Keep up the good work. –Curt

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