A Horror of a Human

Cecil the beloved Lion in Africa
Picture credit: Unknown


What can be going on in the deranged, twisted mind of this absolute monster?

This gutless Dentist, Walter Palmer, from Minnesota not only finds pleasure in killing, but is also a repeat offender.

His latest victim, that he reportedly paid $55,000 to hunt, was a much beloved Lion and local celebrity at the Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe, Africa.

These are the words of the TV News story, not mine:
 “This man lured the Lion out of the safety of a sanctuary, then shot him with a crossbow and after tracking him for more than a day,  finished him off and skinned him.”

The beautiful black-maned Lion called Cecil, was quite accustomed to human interaction, so likely felt no danger, or fear.

He was basically a pet to the world, a hero, a star to be adored.

He could not have understood that he was about to be killed and to be hung on a wall, the wall of a sinister, vile human.

They say that Cecil had cubs and that they will be killed by which other Lion is next in line for dominance of the Pride.

My hope is if that some group will step up/in to remove them to a safe place, before that is allowed to occur.

As I write these terrible words to you, my chest is tight and I can barely breathe.

And if all of this was not enough of a horror, this is not the first time for this coward to murder and lie.

In 2008, this same monster also killed a black bear and lied after doing just about the same thing, he did to Cecil, hunting, killing, and lying.

Or, hunting, killing, lying, then posing and smiling.

There is valid concern, that the backlash from his vile acts, may not end just his business, but that someone in the area may take this rage/anger towards him one step further.

To quote ABC and others,  ” He has become the most hated man on the internet.”

Hearing the story and the expected Global shock, anguish, and repulsion, makes this only a tiny bit easier to bear.

What joy, what pleasure, can you Mr. Palmer, find in this despicable kind of behavior?


It is only my opinion, but it seems that some of our species have never really evolved from the hunter-gather stage and feel compelled by a dark/deep need to regularly hunt and kill a wild animal.

The difference is, this was not a wild animal, but a much adored and loved “pet.”

How much of a challenge could there have been in basically killing something that had no instincts for survival?

Dear Doctor Palmer, a Global wish for you, is the same end to your life, that you gave this beautiful, remarkable, beloved creature, because you truly are a Horror of a Human.


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54 thoughts on “A Horror of a Human

    • Thank you, I concur.
      I cannot tell you how many of these murderers posing with their victims pictures,
      I have had to look at since staring this blog.
      It NEVER gets any easier.

  1. Donna, I read this today and found it to be an utterly disgusting and unforgivable act. We are talking about a dentist here, a professional man who is supposedly “successful”; seeking MORE success by killing innocent animals out of his own recklessness; insulting Africa’s people and pride.

  2. I cried when I heard what that monster did to Cecil. I felt as if someone had killed my dog just to hang her head above their fireplace. There are no words to express the ugliness of that dentist’s soul. I too hope that Cecil’s offspring is found before the animal kingdom does what is its instinct just because a human being acted worst than an animal.

    • We are in complete agreement.
      Through sharing, there must be change, this cannot continued unchecked.
      We must unite to stop these monsters.
      Animals were never put here to be murdered by us.
      We are supposed to be their keepers, their brothers.

  3. A “horror of a human” is an apt label for this monster. I wish him unremitting pain, a suffering equal to the hurt felt by millions of good people who cannot comprehend the depths of his evil.

  4. Reblogged this on sachemspeaks and commented:
    Sorry to take so long to add my feelings to this horrible story, V.A. eye exam yesterday could not see. 😦
    I am so pleased to just be able to say Ditto to the thousands of writers and their sorrow from around the world!

    • Thank you.
      It was the most sickening story that I have ever had to write.
      Their is now a Global broken heart and it is demanding justice for this innocent animal who stood no chance.

  5. I wept when I read this. I will never understand how any (supposedly) human being can look into the eyes of such a gentle creature and just kill it for something to do. He truly is a monster. Beautifully written post…it expresses the exact sentiments of the majority of the population, in my opinion. Thank you.

  6. Reblogged this on Sunshinebright and commented:
    It’s gone viral. All over the world, in every media and social media imaginable. Lion-killer. He should get the book thrown at him in Zimbabwe. This guy is happiest when he’s killing animals.

    Thanks, Donna, for this very moving piece.

  7. I read in Mother Jones, I think, that told how those hunts are fake. Some of the animals are in confined areas and some are drugged so that they cannot run away or defend themselves. It’s all about money. Animal rights people need to come together to ban any animals (whole or parts) from being imported into the U.S. or its territories.

    How much a nicer world it would be if they shot film, not animals.

    • This story was so personally painful to write and was made even worse when I read all of your comments about your deep sadness and crying over it.
      I had to decide if bringing this horrible story to all of you was kind or fair.
      But I knew that it would be on every Channel and in every News story anyway, so did write it finally.

  8. I do not understand hunting as a sport. Sport means competition. Competition is between equals – with both parties consenting to engage in the challenge.

    I hope this tragedy heightens public awareness that shooting animals for ‘sport’ is despicable. And to reflect also, on the societal level, what is fair game? I see a common sickness between this dentist hunter, police violence, and wealthy elites who rig the system in their own favor.

    • Global outrage is only as good as the results that it brings.
      The fire has been lit, now we must keep stoking it.
      Humans must change the way that they treat all other livings things.
      They are not here for us to abuse, murder, or torture, we were intended to be their keepers.

  9. I was shocked and horrified the day it happened, still am, it’s beyond me how some humans seem to despise living, sentient beings and kill them?

    This is very synchronistic — because I was going to take the summer off from posting, (so I turned off comments for now as well as likes), however, I did have a post about hunting that I had planned on posting today, your post has inspired me to go and post it and to heck with taking the summer off, animals need defending. People need defending, nature needs defending, and, people need to be held accountable! The baby that was burned to death in Palestine by some illegal settlers is shocking too, and vile. These killers of babies, lions, etc., must be held accountable. It makes the rest of humanity lose hope when behaviours like this are left without consequences of from fair Justice. All of our behaviour must be, has to be, based on Truth, Justice and Peace: TJP, because there is no time left to abuse the planet and her dear creatures and vegetation, it’s now or never: the earth is at a tipping point.

    Off now, to add the comments and likes back and go post the poem about hunters, thanks for inspiring me.

  10. Great post! I hope that the momentum continues and we never forget this heinous crime. Hunting should be eradicated, it a minority pastime participated in by those who are frankly emotionally unbalanced. What possible pleasure can a rational sane person get from murdering an animal, any animal. I hope the world remembers Cecil for a long time to come and that things will change and this evil will be one day consigned to history where it belongs.

  11. This reaction gives hope that the other hunters will quit hunting exotic animals if they don’t want their lives ruined. There are various animal population control programs that give an opportunity to hunt for those who feel an urge to do so.

  12. Oh! What a great post as one of your reader said… I share your anger! There is a terrible and very right spiritual law whose name is “the law of cause and effect”. Don’t worry: this “man” (one could wonder whether he’s a man or less than animal) will be severely punished by Fate. I now comment rarely, so, by the way, thank you so much for sharing your love of Nature & defending Life! ♥

    • Thank you so much for your support and kind words.
      I firmly believe in KARMA and was disgusted to see that this monster just re-opened his Dental office.
      You are one of my favorites.
      I always love reading your writings and comments on my Blogs.

  13. You’re welcome! I hate hunters because they take pleasure in killing which is, in my opinion, an absolute (and only human) perversion… Your post have reminded me of a wonderfgul quote by Pythagoras…it is so true!
    “As long as Man continues to be the ruthless destroyer of lower living beings, he will never know health or peace. For as long as men massacre animals, they will kill each other. Indeed, he who sows the seed of murder and pain cannot reap joy and love.”
    ― Pythagoras

  14. PS when you know that the greek “religion” in Pythagoras’s was just made of horrible bloody sacrifices you realize how wise and brave was this philospher!

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