Never Forget Cecil!

Cecil the lion at Hwange National Park in 2010.
Picture credit: Joe Sutherland/Wikipedia


Yesterday the Dental office of Walter Palmer, the killer of Cecil the African Lion, re-opened.

The staff  announced that they are now open and serving their patients and that the Dr. is not on the premises.

Not only is Palmer a murderer, he is a coward.

But, what worries those of us who are outraged by Palmer’s vicious deed, is that when the office re-opened yesterday, there was only ONE person there with a sign to object!

I for one, do not want any of you, or anyone else on this Planet, to forget what this Monster has done.

Complacency is infectious and spreads like wildfire.

Already, many of the web pages/blog pages about this have been taken down, they just disappeared.

If we forget, if we just go on as if nothing has happened, Cecil will have died in vain and there will be many, many others to follow.

We must not forget what this Dentist Walter Palmer, has done and we must continue now and forever, to keep up the pressure on him and all others involved in this, including our own Government who must respond to the hundreds of thousands who have signed the petition to have him extradited.

We must hold firm until Palmer either changes, quite unlikely, or better yet, moves to another Planet, which would be absolutely wonderful.

This man must be charged with a crime and sent back to Africa to stand trail for it.

If he is not, all is lost.

Trophy Hunting here and all over the World, will continue unabated.

But, the biggest tragedy of all, is that those who do it, will have no reason to stop.

Once they see that nothing will happen to them, these Poachers will feel as if they are untouchable and it will get worse.

Please, for his sake, and for all of those innocents who continue to be savagely hunted and killed, only to become a Trophy on a Wall, please never forget Cecil.


Places to learn more:

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24 thoughts on “Never Forget Cecil!

  1. I wonder where Palmer is hanging this bloody trophy that memorializes his tremendous courage? What a revolting person.

  2. Killing animals for sport is the pastime of savages. i don’t care what your social, professional or
    financial status is, if you kill animals for sport you are a savage, full stop.

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