Exquisite Everglades

The Everglades National Park
Photo credit: USGS/SOFIA

One of the most revered and treasured Ecosystems in the entire state of Florida, perhaps even the United States, the Everglades National Park, has just handed down some tough restrictions for the first time in more than 30 years.

This is a long, hard-fought, much overdue win for a beleaguered Ecosystem, that has in the past, had to fight off big money, big business and big politics just to stay alive.

But, no more!

Finally those who run the Park have said enough!

The Everglades National Park and I do now speak from personal experience, is without a doubt, Florida’s most beautiful and most unique little corner of the Earth.

May I offer you one tiny bit of advice, before you venture down for your first trip?

Many years ago, on our first vacation here, we took our first trip to the Everglades while visiting my parents in Miami, in the NOT EVER recommended month of August.

Only an idiot, or a tourist from L.A., would ever do this, everyone who lives here knows better.

August is the heighth of Mosquito Season in South Florida and when they descend upon you in the Glades, they are like a black veil that drops over you, if you are foolish enough to go there in that month.

As for these new restrictions for the Florida Bay Area of the Everglades, they have become necessary because for entirely too many years, all manner of human abuse have rendered this fragile place nearly crippled with what many believed to be irreparable damage.

But the tide may be turning in the Glade’s favor and I only wish that Marjory was here today to witness this change of mind and heart for her beloved Everglades, she died in 1998 at the age of 108.

Marjory Stoneman Douglas fought so hard nearly all of her adult life, to save the Glades and today I would like to believe that she is smiling.

These new restrictions may do what she could not during her lifetime, they may finally and forever, preserve and protect the Exquisite Everglades.

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10 thoughts on “Exquisite Everglades

  1. When I was a child, my father had friends that lived there year round. I watched kids that were much younger than I jump over gators. The insects were bad – flies and mosquitoes were everywhere. That family did not seem bothered in the least. They could have been Seminoles but I’m not sure about that.

    The Everglades were a place like no other; its beauty is indescribable. When we were under the canopy it was almost dreamlike. The water was alive with fish, frogs, snakes and gators. Mom spotted a ringed snake and tried to jump out of the boat by climbing out with vines. There were a few flowers but I only remember my mother wanting some to take home and plant. I doubt if they would have lasted long because the environment would not be the same.

    I was just happy to be sitting on the bow of the boat. Whenever I wanted to go faster I’d say ‘giddy up’ and to slow down I’d say ‘whoa!’ My father would accommodate with the boat motor. He also stopped the motor and poled us through the small islands and narrow waterways. There were times where we had to turn and go back.

    Yes, exquisite (next to heaven) is the perfect word to describe the Everglades.

    • OMG!!
      Thank you for that beautiful and so very personal description of this remarkable Ecosystem.
      This state and its greedy, mindless politicians have done their very best for too many years to destroy it, but it is possible with these new restrictions in place, that there may just be hope yet for the Everglades.
      Thank you again.

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