Can We Trust You?

Forest elephants (Loxodonta cyclotis) in the Mbeli River, Nouabalé-Ndoki National Park, Congo.
Picture credit: Thomas Breuer


If you have been here long, you know that over the past 3 years on WP, I have been bitterly disappointed, frequently deceived and flat-out lied to, by those who are in place to protect Global Wildlife.

So, on Friday when our President and the President of China met and came to an agreement to stop Ivory Trafficking, I was not in the least impressed, or encouraged.

As a matter of fact, I was thoroughly disgusted that on the same day the Pope was here spreading joy and love to all, our Country was preparing to wine and dine one of the world’s most prolific Human abusers at the White House.

As for the agreement to stop Global Ivory Trafficking, there is absolutely no way that this plan/idea/agreement, can work or succeed, without the full and complete, cooperation and involvement of Africa.

Do I personally trust either, or any of them to firmly support and/or uphold this?

Do I believe that these leaders have had a change of heart and become concerned, empathetic or compassionate about Animal or Wildlife welfare?

Only if in some way, they can find a potential financial gain in it for them.

Neither the US, nor China has in the recent past shown much interest in, or overwhelming concern for any Global Wildlife that are currently suffering or are threatened.

This is, in my opinion, merely political pandering to public perception and making points with which ever group they may need something from at the moment.

As for Africa’s support, or even interest in this new agreement, consider this:

What did anyone, including Africa, do to the Monster from Minnesota, who murdered Cecil the Lion, in cold blood?

Absolutely nothing.

To only add to my depression over this situation, sadly and quite embarrassingly, Florida is reported to have quite a few individuals who buy and sell ivory, for example, this person is right here in Central Florida and quite proudly advertises his wares on the internet for all to see:  Elephant Ivory

So, here’s the question for those of you who have tremendous power and have spoken the words that could stop the imminent extinction of animals who have the misfortune of having Ivory horns:

Can we trust you?


Places to learn more:

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26 thoughts on “Can We Trust You?

  1. Never trust authority, never. Never trust the mega-multi-million-dollar animal charity organization, either.

    Thank you, Donna, for your unwavering support of the animals. Hope you are well.

  2. From what I was reading the last time, the ivory industry is sustained by China’s upper class who is able to pay for extravagant and sophisticated ivory carvings; therefore sustaining the industry. As long as these “nouveau rich” pay it; the industry continues to strive.

  3. I went to the Elephant Ivory site. Here was one of the things they said:”Now, if someone poached the ivory in Africa, they would somehow have to smuggle it into the USA. Smuggling illegal complete ivory tusks into the USA is virtually impossible. For them to smuggle ivory tusks into the USA, you would have to believe that USA customs and Fish & Wildlife are inept at their jobs.” Virtually impossible!? What drivel. Almost anything can be smuggled into the US if the price is right. Thanks for your continuing fight and efforts. –Curt

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