It Is Over!

A beautiful Black Bear Cub. Will we ever see another one?
Picture credit: Unknown


Score Scott and Company ONE, Florida Black Bears  Zero!

I had to compose myself before writing this, it took some time.

Yesterday in Tallahassee, Judge Reynolds, who I am reasonably sure was appointed by Scott, said that the FWCC had every right and indeed, every responsibility to order the impending death of likely every Black Bear in the state of Florida.

They went on adnaseum about their countless reasons, including the laughable point that the Bears were moving away from their food sources.

That is truly a joke, as the state has been selling the most desired and necessary food of the Black Bear, the Saw Palmetto Berry for big profits, for years now!

This of course, led to the Bear looking for an alternative food, which in turn led to state-wide conflicts.

In all of this drama, the Bears have been the innocents, people are the guilty parties.

Over 2,000 Hunting permits have already been sold, so what on Earth would have happened to all of that money, if this had been overturned?


They tried to make us believe that they can stop these Trophy Hunters at 320.

Please do recall the posting written recently about these same Hunters on the side of our County Road here near Paisley, laying on the roofs and in the beds of their trucks, as they fire into the woods using rifles armed with silencers.

If they cannot control these lunatics now, how on Earth do they think that they can stop them at 320 dead Bears?

It will not happen.

By the end of the first day of the Hunt, I am confident that every Black Bear in this state, including mothers and babies, will all be dead.

I am done. I give up. I cannot take any more.

Unless this nightmare is reversed, overturned, or stopped, I will have nothing to ever say about these beautiful, beloved creatures again.

But one last thought to leave you with and this has been percolating for a bit now.

What if those of us who are 100% opposed to this heinous Hunt, go to every designated part of Florida on that first day and stand in the way of these maniacs getting their trophies?

I am not encouraging anyone to break the law, but I for one, am willing to go into the woods on that day and stand up for what I believe in.

As for you Nick Wiley, I hope that you sleep well at night, I do not.

You lied to me that day 3 years ago, when you said that they would never be hunted.

I have written, called and done everything that I can do,  to stop this.

But Scott holds all of the Aces, his power is frightening.

These Bears should not be allowed to be murdered, the numbers opposed to this Hunt, outnumber those who want it.

One can only imagine how much money, how many deals and promises have been made and secured.

I am sickened that I must try, or what will happen that day, but regardless of the outcome of my futile efforts, for the besieged, beleaguered Black Bear, I fear, it is over.


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58 thoughts on “It Is Over!

  1. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    There’s no respect … for anything above making money!! Sad, so sad!!
    “I am sickened that I must try, or what will happen that day, but regardless of the outcome of my futile efforts, for the besieged, beleaguered Black Bear, I fear, it is over.”

  2. I am so sorry about all of this. The top predators have had to pay the highest price at all levels in all countries. They are wiping out sharks, elephants, and what not.

  3. The wolf hunt was stopped in Minnesota last year by a court order over the objections of the maniacs who think these animals are murderous monsters and idiots in some local Soil and Water Conservation Districts. It could happen in Florida with the black bears, too, if people fight back.

    • As said below, we have all fought hard to stop this, but Scott has shut it all down.
      Even his appointed Judges reject the people.
      It has been ugly here every day since this was announced.
      But the permits have been sold and Scott does not want to have to give back all that money!

      • There is the federal level which would supersede anything a governor-appointed judge might rule.

        In Minnesota there was a lot of loud support for wolf killing. I suspect the same is true for the bear kill in Florida- a vocal minority in favor of wildlife destruction.

        I talked with people around here who did not understand how wolves actually live. Not everyone was convinced by the science (probably because their minds are like cement) but some were.

        It was and still is ugly here regarding wolves. Last winter one was strangled in a snare about 20 miles from where I live.

  4. It took a court order, petitions to the governor, and a lot of anrd work to stop the wolf killing in Minnesota. It will take the same for Florida to stop the bear killing.

    • Agreed. But we have already done all of this.
      He flat out says that he will not intervene and that he is leaving it up to FWCC.
      People here are furious and have taken to the Capital and the streets.
      Lawsuits by the biggest Animal rights groups here have all failed.
      It is all being very carefully controlled by Scott.

  5. Absolutely NO words… I can’t even speak to the corruption in this state, and how the animals and the land suffers. There are more hunting permits than there are bears, now, it seems. Do they plan to kill every last one? How is this legal? HOW?

    • Yesterday an announcement came at noon on WFTV from Speak Up Wekiva, who was one of the groups suing to stop the Hunt, that on the day it begins, they are asking for Volunteers to go into the woods and blow horns when the allowed murdered Bear number is reached, to then go in and rescue all the newly orphaned cubs.
      I was crying so hard when this was said, I could not breathe.
      This miserable Nazi run state and those who want to kill all its wildlife and destroy the Ecosystems, are Monsters!
      The Panthers are next!

  6. I, too, am furious! The whole “let’s buy guns and kill things” makes me want to puke. I really want to move out of the south but there’s really nowhere to escape this redneck mentality.

  7. Reblogged this on One Person, One World. and commented:
    The cruelness of some ‘people’ will never stop to amaze me. The blood-thirst that these so call ‘humans’ have to slaughter for fun. Will it ever stop? Will we be left with only the poor animals in zoo’s before they are done? Will future generations only have films and photos of the animals that used to wander our earth? Makes me so sad…

    • Thank you so much. We here in Florida are broken. We have tried and failed at every attempt to stop this slaughter. Scott and his followers will end the lives of all of our beloved Bears in 2 weeks.Only God can save them now.

  8. As usual it is all about money at the expense of animals. This is just so shocking it is unbelievable!!!!! There is no place in a modern society for the killing of any creature in the name of “sport”.or anything else for that matter . Hunting is a seriously sick pass time, the mentality of such people needs to be questioned. Surely to derive pleasure from killing a defenceless animal has to be considered aberrant, immoral insane and should be outlawed. Despite the outcome you did your best to prevent this, its so refreshing to know that someone cares enough to make a huge effort to stop such an atrocity.

  9. So sad to read this….
    It seems humanity could be mean and cruel in many ways, as victims are animals, human beings and the planet earth itself…
    Thanks for raising awareness… sending love. Aquileana 💫.-

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