Eat this, not that!

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Human plastic waste now litters Beaches and Waters all over the world!

Edible six pack holder picture credit: Saltwater Brewery
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This story was on our news just before we left for Flagler Beach last week.

Meant to share it when we got back, but lost track of it, until today.

This is one of the most positive ideas to help animals to come along for Marine/Ocean life in years and hopefully it will become widespread and as with so many great ideas, be widely imitated.

This Florida Company, Saltwater Brewery of Delray Beach, has created quite a sensation with this new idea, in partnership with NY ad Company,  We Believers.

Wildlife lovers and many others are excited about the chance to buy their favorite brew and help Sea Life at the same time.

The new rings are a byproduct of the brewing process and are  biodegradable and compostable.

Called “Edible Six Pack Rings,”  they are the answer to the prayers of those of us who are frantic over getting the death dealing plastic ones gone, ASAP.

These have injured, maimed and killed countless sea animas and the future looked pretty bleak until this innovative Company came up with this fantastic idea.

The best part of all of this is, that the rings are not only not going to harm animals, they are a new source of food.

Several other products already exist that are recyclable, but they do nothing to keep the animals safe from tangling, entrapment or ingestion.

And unlike the others, even if they are not consumed, they will shortly break down, leaving no trash in the water, or  on the Beaches to worry about.

Using the exciting new process which has become so abundant here in Florida, due to the ground breaking work done by students at UCF with prosthetics, 3 D is becoming a household word in Central Florida and we could not be prouder of the accomplishments fellow Floridians  have made using it.

Over 5o Breweries have already asked to come on board.

This great news leaves so many of us here in Florida, who are sick of the trash on our miles of beautiful Beaches and watching the tragic rescue attempts to save those who have been harmed, breathing a sigh of relief.

This is only one small part of the vast over whelming plastic trash polluting our world’s Oceans and Beaches, but it is a start.

Animals everywhere are suffering and dying needlessly because of our plastic trash in their homes.

We did this, now we need to clean it up.

These new six pack rings can begin the reversal of a horrible cycle of Human abuse.

Now, we can feel encouraged for our beautiful ocean/marine life:

look what we are making now, this is safe, go ahead eat this, not that!


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18 thoughts on “Eat this, not that!

  1. I saw this story – isn’t it brilliant! They say, “Necessity is the mother of invention,” and never was something more needed to begin the fightback against the vast volumes of plastic that devastate our oceans! Great news!

  2. Very interesting. All this junk needs to be made of things that decompose safely at the very least. I thought I was following your blog, but apparently wasn’t…strange! Anyway, I am again now.

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