Lifeguard to the rescue…

A Nurse Shark near Ambergris Caye, Belize 11-22-2003
Picture credit: Joseph Thomas


A Fort Lauderdale Lifeguard, Szilard Janko, rescued/saved a Nurse Shark a few days ago.

But it only just made our local News here this morning.

Janko carefully removed a fishing line and hook from the 2 foot shark and then released it.

The grateful animal he said, swam away, “without saying a word,” not realizing that not many would have done  what this kind man just did!

Two weeks ago a woman in Boca Raton was bitten by the same type of shark.

The woman went to the hospital with it still attached to her.

The woman lived, the shark did not.

What is being repeated daily after these incidents here, is that the debris in our Oceans is a disaster which helps create the Environment for many of these ” accidents ”  in Florida to occur.

You may have read or seen some of my older postings here about Ocean Trash, it is out of control world wide and the animals are the ones who are suffering the most.

Overfishing, garbage in the water, pollution and people are problems that our Global Marine life simply cannot handle any more.

An interesting tidbit is that 2 weeks ago,  while driving along the shoreline, up in Flagler Beach, we had spotted this same type of shark just behind a young boy paddling on a surf board,  not far from the shore.

It appeared to be circling behind the young boy, who may have been unaware of its presence, we think.

When we drove back later, no sign of the boy, or any trouble.

This particular Shark is easily recognized by its 2 smallish, round dorsal fins.

They like to feed in shallow waters and often are seen lying on the bottom near shore.

Regardless of the apparent recent abundance of Shark sightings here in Florida, they remain, as do all Marine life here, at the mercy of our whims.

We are sloppy and careless with their Ocean homes, the great waters of the world.

When we show so little respect for their Environment, what does it say abut us?

Thankfully, in this latest case, there was a young hero who took the time and care to ensure that at least this time, this story would end well for the Shark, as he was the lifeguard to the rescue…


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20 thoughts on “Lifeguard to the rescue…

  1. It makes me want to cry when I ponder the wreckage that we have wrought upon our poor planet. It is basically like leaving trash and garbage around in our houses. Why can’t people understand that Earth is our home? I think of the giant plastic island in the North Pacific and it makes me ill. Thanks, Coca Cola, Pepsi, etc for manufacturing a product that we don’t need: plastic bottled water. Honestly, I don’t understand why people continue to reproduce when even the most simple-minded person must understand that the world these children are going to inherit will be a barren wasteland, devoid of resources, toxic and ravaged by emergent diseases and climate change. I simply don’t understand any of it.

  2. It is inexpressibly sad to be part of ruining the world with trash, waste and nuclear accidents. What are we thinking?I try hard to reduce my waste, but it’s impossible. If I get take-out food — packaging. I filter water and use my own bottles, but we get things shipped to us. Boxes at least are good waste — reusable. I hang onto my car as long as possible. What a huge part of the landfill it will be when it dies. Wrecking the ocean is just awful, though.

  3. Although there are too many negatives for anyone feeling good about what is happening to our mutual home,
    Mother Earth, it does the heart a world of good to hear about something good now and then.
    Have a peaceful week Donna

  4. I just read an amazing article about a grateful sea turtle (SIGH), that was released from OUR DEBRIS in his home, sniff… But what an AMAZING GUY, to help this shark!!! True heroes are selfless and don’t look for kudos and congrats — they simply DO IT to help. We had *many* of these nurse sharks where I grew up overseas, and they never, ever hurt a soul.

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