We’re Back~


Walkingfox and me at my last two family reunions  in Indiana, 2011 and 2012.


My Dear Followers:

We have been away for nearly a week and are glad to finally be back home in our little house here  in the Ocala Forest.

We have been in Tampa, at the VA Hospital.

The person that I share my life with had his heart surgery there and it all went well.

You may have noticed my lack of presence here,  or perhaps not~

Anyway, we are home at last and he is feeling  sore, but happy that his  defibrillator  will not have to be worked on again for another 8-10 years.

I did check in on the Blog as much as possible, and wanted to let each of  you know how important it was for me to see your thoughts here.

Your presence here, your support, means a great deal to me and I need to say thank you.

You are all such amazing people and I am so proud and honored to know you.

Together, I believe that we can stop the cruelty to the innocents globally by, “speaking collectively for those with no voice.”

Bless you all~



23 thoughts on “We’re Back~

  1. Healing and good health to you both. Is Walkingfox Native American? Not to be nosey but I have Cherokee in my family line and I believe that is part of the connection I feel with nature. Does that sound ridiculous?

    • Dear Pam:
      Yes, Walkingfox is a Mohegan from Connecticut.
      Your love of Mother Earth is only one part of having Native Ancestors.
      Native people have a deep respect for all things that walk, fly, swim or crawl.
      And, nothing that you say here is ever ridiculous, you always speak from your heart,
      which is where all good things come from~

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