Will Steverson Stay Or Go?

Silver Springs, Nature’s Underwater Fairyland
Picture credit: Florida State Memory Archives


The controversial, Scott nominated, head of the Florida DEP, Jon Steverson, is like a “bird on a wire” at the moment.

He has previously failed to be confirmed for this appointment by the Governor and if he is rejected, or fails to be confirmed the next vote, it is over.

So why the controversy you may ask.

Good question, am happy to point out the many reasons he should NOT be confirmed.

This man wants to help the Parks here in Florida become more profitable.

Remember the story here about  Payne’s Prairie  not long ago?

And Silver Springs, the location for the old Tarzan movies, is still trying to survive the Canadian Cattle Billionaire who is presently draining their breathtaking beauty dry everyday, to provide drinking water for his cows.

The Parks making a profit idea, is not of, or in itself, a bad one, it’s the way that Jon Steverson seeks to do so, that is most certainly objectionable to the millions here, who love this state and treasure our beautiful Parks.

There are 174 stunning, natural and gorgeous Parks here in Florida and all of them could be at risk, if this man and those who back and support him, are allowed to continue their planned path.

Our  Parks are all  being evaluated right now, for potential future hunting, logging, cattle grazing and other ways to make money, and ALL of them are on the table.

If Steverson stays, I guarantee you that he and Scott and Company, will implement all of these disastrous plans and our Florida Parks will not only suffer the consequences, but there may likely be Human tragedies as well.

Please do not forget that this group recently passed the gun silencer law.

Hunting in State Parks filled with families, is a disaster waiting to happen.

This group also allowed Bears to be slaughtered and Attorney General Pam Bondi is now under attack for filing a lawsuit to allow air/water polluters to continue unabated here.

Who can forget her picture on the News releasing a rehabilitated Bald Eagle yesterday.

She in my opinion, is the LAST person who should have been holding that Bald Eagle!

It should have been ANYONE from Audubon, the group who did the rehabilitating.

This Governor and those who follow and work with him, have one agenda: money and how to make it here.

They will all share in the profits and the state and all that is beautiful in it, will be the losers.

Remember Scott came here from Illinois, he is NOT a Floridian, he has little or no concern for all that makes this place Paradise, only what makes money.

And it seems his choice for the head of the EPA is in perfect step with him on this.

Scott’s arms are long, so I am sure that all of the right people have been advised that he wants Steverson to stay put to carry out the plans.

Quick note to the Governor:

How many visitors do you think come to Florida to see cattle eating, or Hunters killing Wildlife?

Just asking, because last time I checked, tourism was our number ONE economic driver!

In conclusion, regardless of objections, guess we all know whether Steverson will stay or go!


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Breanna’s Favorite Day!


Breanna’s Halloween Adventures!


Today this house is filled with joyful anticipation by our Airedale Breanna.

She has waited patiently all year for this day.

Last year because of all my cancer surgeries and countless trips to Gainesville, we all missed this much-beloved day/night.

But not tonight, not this year!

We have all the decorations up, thanks very kindly to Walkingfox.

The big Treat Bucket is full of little Bat and Pumpkin pretzels and ready for Breanna and I to hand out tonight to all who show up at our door.

Yes, many more embarrassing pictures will be taken once again.

We don’t get as many Ghost, Goblins, AKA little children as those who live in the city, but it does not matter, there are more than enough to thoroughly thrill this dog, who gets more joy out of this Holiday Event, than most children do.

We all hope that your day/night is filled with joy and happiness and that your treats will hopefully, outnumber your little goblins or visitors~

It is very scary when you run out of treats before the Ghouls, I mean kiddies, are gone.

You can be sure that for the special little girl in this house, who is the very center of our Universe and who has had a very tough year, tonight will be absolutely magical~

Happy Halloween to all of you from us:

Donna, Walkingfox and Breanna~

Oops forgot Ishi. She says DITTO!


It Is Over!

A beautiful Black Bear Cub. Will we ever see another one?
Picture credit: Unknown


Score Scott and Company ONE, Florida Black Bears  Zero!

I had to compose myself before writing this, it took some time.

Yesterday in Tallahassee, Judge Reynolds, who I am reasonably sure was appointed by Scott, said that the FWCC had every right and indeed, every responsibility to order the impending death of likely every Black Bear in the state of Florida.

They went on adnaseum about their countless reasons, including the laughable point that the Bears were moving away from their food sources.

That is truly a joke, as the state has been selling the most desired and necessary food of the Black Bear, the Saw Palmetto Berry for big profits, for years now!

This of course, led to the Bear looking for an alternative food, which in turn led to state-wide conflicts.

In all of this drama, the Bears have been the innocents, people are the guilty parties.

Over 2,000 Hunting permits have already been sold, so what on Earth would have happened to all of that money, if this had been overturned?


They tried to make us believe that they can stop these Trophy Hunters at 320.

Please do recall the posting written recently about these same Hunters on the side of our County Road here near Paisley, laying on the roofs and in the beds of their trucks, as they fire into the woods using rifles armed with silencers.

If they cannot control these lunatics now, how on Earth do they think that they can stop them at 320 dead Bears?

It will not happen.

By the end of the first day of the Hunt, I am confident that every Black Bear in this state, including mothers and babies, will all be dead.

I am done. I give up. I cannot take any more.

Unless this nightmare is reversed, overturned, or stopped, I will have nothing to ever say about these beautiful, beloved creatures again.

But one last thought to leave you with and this has been percolating for a bit now.

What if those of us who are 100% opposed to this heinous Hunt, go to every designated part of Florida on that first day and stand in the way of these maniacs getting their trophies?

I am not encouraging anyone to break the law, but I for one, am willing to go into the woods on that day and stand up for what I believe in.

As for you Nick Wiley, I hope that you sleep well at night, I do not.

You lied to me that day 3 years ago, when you said that they would never be hunted.

I have written, called and done everything that I can do,  to stop this.

But Scott holds all of the Aces, his power is frightening.

These Bears should not be allowed to be murdered, the numbers opposed to this Hunt, outnumber those who want it.

One can only imagine how much money, how many deals and promises have been made and secured.

I am sickened that I must try, or what will happen that day, but regardless of the outcome of my futile efforts, for the besieged, beleaguered Black Bear, I fear, it is over.


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Can We Trust You?

Forest elephants (Loxodonta cyclotis) in the Mbeli River, Nouabalé-Ndoki National Park, Congo.
Picture credit: Thomas Breuer


If you have been here long, you know that over the past 3 years on WP, I have been bitterly disappointed, frequently deceived and flat-out lied to, by those who are in place to protect Global Wildlife.

So, on Friday when our President and the President of China met and came to an agreement to stop Ivory Trafficking, I was not in the least impressed, or encouraged.

As a matter of fact, I was thoroughly disgusted that on the same day the Pope was here spreading joy and love to all, our Country was preparing to wine and dine one of the world’s most prolific Human abusers at the White House.

As for the agreement to stop Global Ivory Trafficking, there is absolutely no way that this plan/idea/agreement, can work or succeed, without the full and complete, cooperation and involvement of Africa.

Do I personally trust either, or any of them to firmly support and/or uphold this?

Do I believe that these leaders have had a change of heart and become concerned, empathetic or compassionate about Animal or Wildlife welfare?

Only if in some way, they can find a potential financial gain in it for them.

Neither the US, nor China has in the recent past shown much interest in, or overwhelming concern for any Global Wildlife that are currently suffering or are threatened.

This is, in my opinion, merely political pandering to public perception and making points with which ever group they may need something from at the moment.

As for Africa’s support, or even interest in this new agreement, consider this:

What did anyone, including Africa, do to the Monster from Minnesota, who murdered Cecil the Lion, in cold blood?

Absolutely nothing.

To only add to my depression over this situation, sadly and quite embarrassingly, Florida is reported to have quite a few individuals who buy and sell ivory, for example, this person is right here in Central Florida and quite proudly advertises his wares on the internet for all to see:  Elephant Ivory

So, here’s the question for those of you who have tremendous power and have spoken the words that could stop the imminent extinction of animals who have the misfortune of having Ivory horns:

Can we trust you?


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So Long Sonar!

This awesome picture of a Pacific Blue whale is courtesy of NOAA fisheries!


The United States Navy has made me a fan once again, with this latest move to save the lives of so many of our threatened and endangered Ocean wildlife.

Over the past few years in this very Blog, I have written ad nauseam about this disturbing issue and for so very long, it looked bleak and as if it would never happen, but it has!

Our planet’s Whales and Dolphins simply cannot and will not survive, if they cannot hear each other, and in the past, Navy activity in their Global Habitats has done just that, it has repeatedly interfered and done so, quite loudly.

Marine mammals need to have the waters that surrounds them quite silent, so that they can talk, or communicate with each other.

The constant noises made by our very active US Navy, has caused the whales and dolphins, to try to live within the confines of a world in great turmoil, which in turn, has often resulted in countless, unnecessary deaths for these threatened animals.

But, now after so many years of bitter court battles from both sides, and with many thanks to Earthjustice, NRDC and other concerned Environmental groups, an agreement has finally been reached and the US Navy will set aside areas of the Pacific Ocean, that will allow marine life once again, to safely do what they do best, survive and thrive!

And they will be doing this in nearly complete silence, well as silent as it can be because, who knows what else is going on down there?

So for now at least, we can all breathe a sigh of relief and say thank you to our Navy for allowing these beautiful creatures to live safely and  hear each other again.

Good by, good riddance and so long Sonar!


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This King has left the building!

A juvenile King Cobra
Picture credit:  Biomedicinal


After living in so many places before coming to Florida in 2004, it was only a matter a time before this would happen.

And it did.
Within a few months of moving here, there it was one day, curled up on the black mat at our back door, waiting for me.
As it turned out, it was harmless, to humans, at least, it was just a Black Racer, which is a very common non poisonous Florida Snake.
Did that make me any less terrified.
Absolutely not!

But, after a few years, it has all become nearly routine and the fear gets a little less with each random encounter.
That is, until now.
A few days ago in Orlando, a man who apparently has quite a few poisonous creatures living in his house, lost one of them.
It just ran away.

But he did not, as required, report it immediately!

And after seeing the living conditions at this place, I do not blame the snake.
The escape of this snake, has been shown ad nauseum on all of our local channels.
These animals are housed in cages so small, they can barely turn around, let alone get any exercise.
My thinking is, that the snake left to find a better home!

But here is the scariest part, at least for those poor souls who live in close proximity to this man, this was not just any ordinary snake.
This was an 8 foot long King Cobra, whose venom they are saying, can take down an elephant or 200 humans.
Yes, 200!

This man, who has a state license to keep these poisonous animals, has a history of “oops” accidents and negligent behaviour concerning his charges.
So, you may ask, why does Florida Fish and Wildlife still allow him to have them?
That is the question being asked by his neighbors, who have started a petition and already have 200 signatures.
A previous King Cobra got loose from this man and it turned up in one of his neighbor’s garages, who killed it.

This is a very sad situation for the animals who have no say in any of it.
The man is a “reality star” the news claims and makes his living with these caged animals.
But, each time I see him on the news, he is putting a snake into a garbage can.
He does not look like someone who is terribly fond of them, just someone who has found a way to profit from them.

In India this snake is protected.

Schools on this man’s block have kept the children inside all week and moved those in the bungalows, into the main building for safety concerns for the children.
FWC says it is likely the snake, who they and the man, both say is shy, will avoid humans, but how long can you keep these children inside?
This is not fair to them, or the animals that this man is keeping.

It is at the very least, a sad, ugly situation.
The last news story I watched this morning, gave a link to a web site, where you can see just who and where poisonous animals are being kept in Florida.
If even one child here is killed by a poisonous animal who is being kept for profit or other, there will be “hell to pay.”
Even one death is one too many.

Now, this is only my opinion but, private individuals have no business, no right, to keep poisonous animals in their homes, considering the tremendous risks that could result from an errant escape, such as this one.

It is beyond time to stop this, before a tragedy occurs.
So, those of you out there in Florida who think this is a good way to make a living, I say:
You need to find another way to earn your living, one that does not put animals/wildlife or your neighbors and their children in jeopardy.

Please, go get a real job because this “King has left the building.”


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Exquisite Everglades

The Everglades National Park
Photo credit: USGS/SOFIA

One of the most revered and treasured Ecosystems in the entire state of Florida, perhaps even the United States, the Everglades National Park, has just handed down some tough restrictions for the first time in more than 30 years.

This is a long, hard-fought, much overdue win for a beleaguered Ecosystem, that has in the past, had to fight off big money, big business and big politics just to stay alive.

But, no more!

Finally those who run the Park have said enough!

The Everglades National Park and I do now speak from personal experience, is without a doubt, Florida’s most beautiful and most unique little corner of the Earth.

May I offer you one tiny bit of advice, before you venture down for your first trip?

Many years ago, on our first vacation here, we took our first trip to the Everglades while visiting my parents in Miami, in the NOT EVER recommended month of August.

Only an idiot, or a tourist from L.A., would ever do this, everyone who lives here knows better.

August is the heighth of Mosquito Season in South Florida and when they descend upon you in the Glades, they are like a black veil that drops over you, if you are foolish enough to go there in that month.

As for these new restrictions for the Florida Bay Area of the Everglades, they have become necessary because for entirely too many years, all manner of human abuse have rendered this fragile place nearly crippled with what many believed to be irreparable damage.

But the tide may be turning in the Glade’s favor and I only wish that Marjory was here today to witness this change of mind and heart for her beloved Everglades, she died in 1998 at the age of 108.

Marjory Stoneman Douglas fought so hard nearly all of her adult life, to save the Glades and today I would like to believe that she is smiling.

These new restrictions may do what she could not during her lifetime, they may finally and forever, preserve and protect the Exquisite Everglades.

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