They Are My Reason

Breanna, Walkingfox and their PT Cruiser


Yes it has been a long time.

The reason is simple, I am not well…

I was sitting here this morning feeling a bit sorry for myself because tomorrow I will have a second blast to get a quite large kidney stone blasted out of a very run down body from over six weeks of endless pain.

For those of you who are mothers, it is like being in labor 24/7 and NOT giving birth!

The procedure is called,  Extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy.

This same procedure last month failed to break the stone up, so a re-do was scheduled.

This morning, while only thinking of my selfish self, a beautiful story came on our local news.

Can I say that my selfish thoughts all disappeared in an instant and were replaced with overwhelming sorrow for this precious innocent child.

This child who lost her entire family in an arson fire and who was herself quite badly burned over 75% of her body,  was shown on the news today, asking for ONE simple thing for Christmas.

She wants to receive a Card from you.

Here is her address and if you have a moment, please do consider sending her a card?

Stories about her are below as usual~

P.O. Box 6126
Schenectady, NY 12306


And by the way she has already received cards and gifts from all over the world.

Regardless of your religion or attitude towards the Holidays and all that goes with them, this is a child who through no fault of her own, has lost all that she loved.

Her father saved her life by covering her body with his.

And even though her father and siblings all died in the fire, she survived and her simple request reminds me, perhaps you as well, that this season is meant to be about others, is it not?

Please cross your fingers for my procedure tomorrow, because if I am lucky the second time will do it and the bugger will be blown away!

I wish you all a Happy Christmas filled with joy and everything that is dear to you.

Everything that I need and love are here with me right now.

Yes, Walkingfox and Breanna are my reason~


Places to learn more:

Orphaned Burn Victim

Christmas Comes Early

Christmas Cards for Sayfre



49 thoughts on “They Are My Reason

  1. I send my very best wises to you hoping that all will go well for you tomorrow. It sounds as though you have been through a very painful ordeal yet you can still think about others.You are a very brave and caring lady. A sad story concerning this poor child, just so heartbreaking, life can be very cruel.

    Again my heartfelt wishes to you. Thinking of you tomorrow. All my best wishes also for a happy Christmas and a great new year..


    • Dear Christine.
      Thank you for you sweet words.
      It was quite easy to transfer my mind to this child, she has dealt with more pain and horror that neither I, nor many, could ever understand or endure.

  2. I saw this heartbreaking story yesterday, and it prompted me to write this FB post:

    Every now and then I hear a story so harrowing that I am reluctant to share it. I don’t want to burden anyone else with such sadness. Today was one of those days. We are all so much luckier than we know.

  3. Sending love and healing thoughts to you, Donna, and a virtual hug. You are so amazing. Even in excruciating pain, your thoughtfulness shines through. Safyre’s story is both tragic and a heart-warming testament to love, kindness and resilience.

  4. Thank you for your post about Safyre. It’s heartwarming to see her doing so well despite enduring so much tragedy and pain. Her heartbreaking story really does put everyday problems in perspective. Wishing you a speedy recovery and a wonderful Christmas with your family.

  5. God Bless You and I wish you all the best for your surgery. Hope it doesn’t turn out to be nearly as painful for you as you expected and that you make a speedy recovery.

  6. I love how you were able to feel compassion for another even during your trials and tribulations. What a caring heart. I send prayers to you and to the little girl. And thank you for sharing the mailing address. I definitely plan on sending a card very soon!

  7. Hello Donna, I feel for you, I have an enormous kidney stone which at present is causing no trouble, but an eye is kept upon. I did however ‘give birth’ to a large one which came out all of its own accord, and I showed the doctor the huge weird thing who said “Wow, that will have felt like you gave birth!! How painful was it?!” – twas more painful than anything I ever care to recall it is safe to say. So I empathise dear. May your pain be over soon. *hugs her*.

    The little girl…poor wee thing, what lovely idea to send her a card, I don’t know when it will arrive now, but esme shall send one from the Cloud for sure *smiles*.

    – esme upon the Cloud

    • All my others got out on their own. But this one is just huge and cannot. Blasting is only hope.
      Thank you for caring for this sweet baby. Her story forced me to write yesterday. She deserves everything all of the world can send to her now.

  8. What an amazing story to really put things in perspective; I hadn’t even heard about it. WOW. Bless that beautiful soul.

    But in the meantime: MUCH love and healing vibes your way; I’ve heard about the pain associated with the tiniest of kidney stones, so I won’t begin to fathom. Take GOOD CARE of yourself. On a side note – and I think I said this last year too, lol – I just adore your old FLA cottage and lights. My favorite, my absolute favorite, of ALL styles….

  9. I won’t say which birdie told me – BUT – I hear someone really sweet is having a birthday today – any ideas?
    I hope you are feeling well enough to enjoy it, Donna – you can’t waste a perfectly good birthday…..

    • Dear sweet kind man. Thank you so much for caring.
      Birthday was spent in Gainesville@UF Vet with Breanna,
      she had a seizure and it scared us to death.
      She is fine now.
      Tomorrow I get the word about second blasting on the 11th.
      Will see if it is finally all gone!
      Fingers crossed.

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