Murder most foul!

This Sandhill Crane family was near our house here in the Forest a few years ago.
Picture credit: Walkingfox


There was no intention to write today, it is a Holiday weekend, everyone is already at the Beaches here and happily spending time relaxing with family.

Alas, not so for those who tuned into the local news this morning and were horrified to learn about what happened here yesterday afternoon.

It seems that Marvin Hicks of Leesburg had had enough and took matters into his own hands.

He ran over and killed a baby  Sandhill Crane  on the golf course in Spanish Village.

He was quoted as saying that they were “crapping all over his Golf Course.”

A witness, Jamie Phillips, who with her son witnessed the gruesome scenes and is a bird lover, said he deliberately chased down the birds, the baby could not keep up with its parents and had stopped.

Hicks ran over the confused, defenseless and innocent baby and killed it.

The witness also said she heard Hicks girlfriend clapping as he ran over the baby Crane and both appeared to have been drinking.

Hicks denied it all, saying he never meant to harm the birds, but they were wrecking the tees on the Golf Course.

Sandhill Cranes are protected in this state and are a threatened species.

There would be fines, perhaps jail time ordinarily, but we are talking about a resident of  the affluent community of the Villages, where they often make up their own rules.

Golf carts are not allowed on public roads/streets, but you frequently have to dodge them if you are anywhere near the Villages.

Rules don’t apply to some who live here, who believe that they are privileged because of their address.

FWC is said to be looking into the matter!

We will be waiting and watching, to see if one of the “special people”  who live in the Villages receive the same treatment as the rest of us would in this case.

Keeping in mind of course, the young man in Texas, Ethan Couch, who was cleared of murder charges in 2013, for killing four people because his family was just too rich and he could not be held responsible.

He was called the “affluenza teen.”

If this man goes unpunished for this beastly crime, wonder what they will call him in this case of,
murder most foul?


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14 thoughts on “Murder most foul!

  1. I would hurry to speak out about this. Watching and waiting only lets the offender get away with it. 😦 beastly person. someone should run over him!

  2. These are PROTECTED and THREATENED animals. If nothing is done to this horrific excuse of a human — let alone if he did this to ANY creature… the state needs to be brought up on charges at this point. I’m completely flabbergasted, as always.

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