Help us stop this madness




This will be short and ugly/ bitter.

Today many, many times, they have been blasting all over our local news about the impending, not their words, Black Bear Hunt again in the Fall.

Numbers  were given, with absolutely no evidence to support how these numbers were arrived at however, 4350 Black Bears are now said to be living in this state, with no proof of course, offered.

The Bears have increased they say, in great numbers, great percentages.

Regardless, these numbers alone, are not a reason to consider doing another Trophy Hunt again in the Fall.

The last one left orphans  all over this state, many of whom are now having great difficulty figuring out how to be a Bear, their role models you see, have all been killed.

So they wander aimlessly around, like the one right now in a tree in Orlando, who is causing great concern and fear among those who have seen it.

It is a cub and it does not know where its family is,  or why it is alone.

This beautiful new ad, which by the way cost about $400 to produce, is thanks to Lee Day of Oviedo and his fellow animal activist supporters.


Activist group releases ad opposing Florida bear hunt:


Plz help us stop another Black Bear massacre.

Plz call Gov Scott and say NO MORE to the Trophy Hunt here:
850 488-7146

I just called and left a message, no Human ever came on the phone!


Here is the new ad to stop the next Black Bear Trophy Hunt in Florida:


For the love of all the innocents that Scott and FWC intend to murder, if left unopposed, please call him and say:    NO MORE DEAD BEARS!

My heart remains as always,  broken for those who still have no voice.


Places to learn more:

Seminole County to FWC: Stop hunting bears in Fla.




12 thoughts on “Help us stop this madness

  1. I’ve been following this closely and am… speechless. There are LOTS of groups fighting this pitiful excuse of a man taking in dollars over environment / wildlife — this is a big one, for the bears (have you seen it? I’m getting one of their shirts!):

      • I would guarantee it. 😦 I sure hope there are more people who have wizened up to his awful politics today – IE, anti-wildlife, anti-environment, anti-Everglades….

      • OH YES. I’ll never forget the time that my good friend, a sweet woman who’s worked herself to the bones her entire life (she’s in her 60s)… was accused by the Scott clan of stealing, when she had to go on unemployment after getting laid off of her job. YEP. Because she needed unemployment after getting FIRED, she’s now a THIEF in the eyes of the FLA gov’t (and she had to hire a lawyer, while she was unemployed, along with millions of other Floridians). Makes complete sense, doesn’t it?!?

      • Did not hear about this. How horrible. So sad, but so very representative of everything he is about. Himself and his next campaign, for Senator!

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