So Long Sonar!

This awesome picture of a Pacific Blue whale is courtesy of NOAA fisheries!


The United States Navy has made me a fan once again, with this latest move to save the lives of so many of our threatened and endangered Ocean wildlife.

Over the past few years in this very Blog, I have written ad nauseam about this disturbing issue and for so very long, it looked bleak and as if it would never happen, but it has!

Our planet’s Whales and Dolphins simply cannot and will not survive, if they cannot hear each other, and in the past, Navy activity in their Global Habitats has done just that, it has repeatedly interfered and done so, quite loudly.

Marine mammals need to have the waters that surrounds them quite silent, so that they can talk, or communicate with each other.

The constant noises made by our very active US Navy, has caused the whales and dolphins, to try to live within the confines of a world in great turmoil, which in turn, has often resulted in countless, unnecessary deaths for these threatened animals.

But, now after so many years of bitter court battles from both sides, and with many thanks to Earthjustice, NRDC and other concerned Environmental groups, an agreement has finally been reached and the US Navy will set aside areas of the Pacific Ocean, that will allow marine life once again, to safely do what they do best, survive and thrive!

And they will be doing this in nearly complete silence, well as silent as it can be because, who knows what else is going on down there?

So for now at least, we can all breathe a sigh of relief and say thank you to our Navy for allowing these beautiful creatures to live safely and  hear each other again.

Good by, good riddance and so long Sonar!


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22 thoughts on “So Long Sonar!

  1. The use of sonar is something that really annoys me. I’m delighted the navy are seeing sense. Let’s hope the rest of the world follows suit.

  2. Reblogged this on Amber Danette and commented:
    This is such an important issue. Once again Donna has brought some very important news to our attention. (If you want to know what that is,visit her post) Namaste.

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