No Limits!


Alvin Garcia Flores from Nebraska getting a very personal delivery
Picture credit: UCF Today


As the mother of a physically challenged son, you have to know how special sharing this story with you is for me.

Until you have walked, or rode/wheeled,  in their lives, it would be nearly impossible to understand just how hard their lives can be at times and how gifts like this can make a huge, if not life changing difference to them.

So let me begin by saying God Bless these students at UCF and Limbitless Solutions, for the joy that they bring and give to all.

It has been a busy two or so years for the creative crew at this local University, the University of Central Florida here in Orlando.

Always giving us a reason to be proud, this week’s newest recipient was another child born missing a limb, specifically an arm, and was presented by the group, a creation that would make like any child  and I’m sure many adults as well, completely over joyed.

The child was nine year old, Alvin Garcia Flores from Nebraska, who  was the exited and delighted recipient of a new bionic arm,  personally delivered by none other than ” Darth Vader. ”

Over the past few years locals have watched in awe and admiration, and sometimes even overwhelmed with the level of work that these students at UCF  do for those with physical challenges using 3D printing technology.

Recently this Christmas,  the group gave new bionic arms to 12 very grateful children.

But, the presentation that generated the most excitement had to be the one that brought Robert Downey, Jr.  to  meet with 7 yr old Alex Pring to present him with his ” Iron Man “ bionic arm in Atlanta in 2014.

This meeting was part of the Collective Project which was arranged/supported by Microsoft, which brings students and technology together to ” change the world.”

Oh,  did I mention that there is no cost to the children or their families for this unbelievable gift of mobility?

The group is a 501 c non profit and gladly accepts  any and all donations to support their work, please  take a look a their web site or Twitter page for more on how you can get involved and lend a  ” hand.”

This genius team at UCF,  is lead by Executive Director and founder, Albert Manero who says: ” Let’s show students that engineering is a tool to help change the world. “

” We engineer hope! “

Yes, for these awesome students, there simply are no limits!


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