A Ridiculous Award!

Governor Scott in the “Environment” he knows so little about!
Picture credit: Eye on Miami ?? (not really sure)

I rarely find much humor in things that happen for the benefit of Wildlife in Florida, but this news in my email a few days ago, did make me laugh, out loud.

The Global public outcry and rage about the story of the death of the beloved African Lion, Cecil and the follow-up Night Light’s on the Empire State building stories had to be first, but now it is time to get back to work on everyday Florida Wildlife Issues.

This email and many other stories found about this Award, was/were to say the least, hilarious to me.

It would seem, that a developer in South Florida has decided that our Governor Scott deserves and will be given an award in the Fall at the Blue Green Gala, for his great contributions to our Florida Environment.

To quote several others who have already written about this, ” Say what? “

Yes, this is the same man who would not allow any of his staff to use the words: “Climate Change or Global Warming!”
Scott, in his years as the head of a place rich in everything from splendiferous wildlife to stunning natural beauty, has done exactly the opposite of what is necessary to not only preserve what we have here, but to protect it either.

Governor Scott has repeatedly denied, removed and deleted any/all money and/or support of any kind for anything to do with our Environment, or its Wildlife, so why you ask, is Barreto giving him this particular award?
Good question.

Let’s see, well to begin with, Rodney Barreto is a Miami developer, who is the Chair of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Foundation, as well as the South Florida Super Bowl Committee.
He is also a partner in one of Miami’s top lobbying companies.
And, his very sticky fingers are also forever clutching at the Everglades.

Many in this State are confused by some of the peculiarities of our Governor, who immediately after winning his second election, then for months, continued to run ads on TV bragging about each and every accomplishment he had made.


And who was paying for those countless ads?

I for one, am convinced that this very clever, quite  cunning strategist, is already planning his next move, or job, which is to be Florida’s next Senator when his present term is finshed and Nelson’s seat is ready to be challenged.

And this of course, will be the prelude to the job that Scott has been preparing for since this all began, to be President of the United States.

As a Treatment Nurse for four years in a California Rehab Center, I spent many hours looking into the eyes of my patients, and now that I have looked into Scott’s eyes, I am pretty sure I know what his next move will be.

Just remember where you read this when it does happen, because this ridiculous Award for being a great Environmentalist, is only the beginning.


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38 thoughts on “A Ridiculous Award!

  1. The foundation’s executive director: “People complained about Mother Teresa”. That’s funny! Made me think of Homer Simpson.

  2. Scott is one of the worst Governors’ Florida has ever had in so many ways and for so many reasons. For example, the gospel according to Scott is there is no global warming.

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  4. Occasionally, I remember why I find politics so distasteful. You’ve reminded me, If I were the governor, I would not be able to accept that award with a straight face – I am certain there will be no problem at the party in that regard.

  5. UNBELIEVABLE. A Miami developer offering to give Scott such an award. There are NO WORDS to the level of greed and hypocrisy here. Well, no words that I’ll repeat in polite company.

  6. Have they lost their minds? They must have a different dictionary than the one I use. Governor Scott knows zilch about the environment or conservation. What a disgusting joke. 😦

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