My Last Award For Now~

My dear faithful, dedicated, followers:


Today I was quite surprised to be nominated by Deo for the Inner Peace Award and of course I am humbled and as usual, do not feel worthy of this receiving this great honor.

His great level of integrity, his total dedication and overwhelming kindness to all that he encounters, make this particular Award very special to me.

I am humbled by Deo’s continued generosity to my little Blog and touched by his caring heart and will accept this very last for now, Award with just a bit of trepidation, for if any of you really knew me, you might question the wisdom of this particular Award being bestowed on me.

The reason that I am pointing this out to you all is my genetic make up, my ancestry:

I am of Irish, Shawnee and Prussian descent and the word “peaceful”  is not normally associated with those of this particular heritage~

Yes, this is a very odd combination of ancestry to be sure, and one which would not normally lend itself to a peaceable, meek or even gentile type of personality, but one thing that it probably might help to explain, is my absolute commitment to the protection of animals placed in danger by Humans on this planet.

What some, or all of you know, is that Awards come with a price, they require quite a bit of time to fulfill,  if they are to be done correctly.

As you may have read on this Blog in the past few days, my partner is dealing with some serious health issues and they will require us to be away repeatedly, to take care of, until September.

So, with this in mind, I pray that you can all understand why more Awards being given to my Blog right now, will put even more pressure and stress on me, at a time when I will not be able to give them the full attention that they require to complete them.

As for now, until he is finished with his appointments in September, please bestow your wonderful Award nominations on other Bloggers here on Word Press, there are thousands of them here who are so very deserving and would be quite thrilled to be nominated for them.

I will in the next few days, or just as soon as possible, be adding the names here of those who are my choices for this prestigious Inner Peace Award.

My Nominees will be here very soon………….

Your patience is appreciated in this, as we prepare for yet another Hospital visit.


A Nominee Update July 8, 2013

We finally have a handle on our Hospital trips, so with a brief respite or break this week , I will try to catch up on WP things, so as promised, here are my nominees for this prestigious Inner Peace Award:

Awakening To Your Story

Our Compass

Fey Girl

Vegan Change


A D T Moshy

Ganesh Gopalan

I Am Tibetan

June Fit

Meaty Vegan


As with the most generous Deo, who graciously nominated me for this Award,  you are all peacemakers in your own right, you are all quite different, but you share a common goal, the search for peace.

Congratulations to all of you and may God Bless each of you for your warm, compassionate hearts.

And finally, I truly hope that you all understand my reasoning for this decision about any future Awards and will forgive me and continue to pray for our ongoing health issues.

Awards are not my reason for being here, protecting animals is.

You will be in my heart and my mind as we take this journey and important animal related Issues will continue to be posted here as they arise.

Bless you all for your continuing care and concern,

Donna and Walkingfox



26 thoughts on “My Last Award For Now~

  1. From the mind and heart, I understand you rationale and respect your request. More importantly, know that healing prayers and positive intentions are being sent to you and your partner from this energy vortex in the High Desert. You are both loved and all *will* be well.

  2. Take your time, go with your instincts and to me that is putting up further post to help bring awareness and protect animals and the support of your partner. May all go well and that you truly can find inner peace. MM

    • Alice how nice to hear from you.
      Thank you so much for your kind wishes.
      He is at the Hospital right now getting “it” checked out, while the puppy and I wait at the Hotel for his call to come get him.
      This will be repeated again several more times until September, then he is hopefully done.

  3. Prayers for you and your partner. I hope everything results in warmth and happiness. Thank you so much for the nomination. I am stunned, as you. I feel I could do so much more and respect those, such as yourself, who make such a commitment and forceful stand to help our beautiful animals. I am honored and hope I can be of some small comfort to those who are familiar with the fight, for all of us. Thank you so much, I am truly, truly honored. Wishing you the best … Stacey

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  5. Donna,

    You’re voice and activism on behalf of the animal kingdom is priceless. They are wonderfully complimented by your authentic beauty and being. Thank you for considering me to be among your circle of strong spirits. While many of us work to balance support for our respective causes with other real-life matters, you (unintentionally, yet honorably) hold us to higher communication and action standards. We are but messengers yet, collectively, we are forces with which to be reckoned. Our noble efforts will make a difference, even if they seem (to us) to be merely scratching the surface.

    Thank you for honoring my blog with the Inner Peace Award. I am equal parts humbled and appreciative.

    May abundant blessings be your and Walkingfox’s, always.

    • Dear Eric:
      You are surely an extreme example of what Word Press was created for, those who excel at writing.
      Sometimes when reading your words, it is like being inside a Pulitzer winning play.
      You have a magical way of expressing your thoughts and it is both a pleasure and a joy to know you.

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  7. What a beautiful and sweet post…. And so many congratulations for your amazing efforts in speaking on behalf of our planet’s creatures. THANK YOU!

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