You Care About Us~


Noah’s Ark Animals
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What day is it?

It is  ” feel good ”  or  “ good news ”  Sunday of course.

My final posting for this year is about a place that I have loved for more than 25 years, it is  the Everglades.

If you have never been there and experienced it, now is the exact right time to go, because this is the lowest point and time for the resident mosquito population.

A recent  email reminded me of why this Ecosystem  is so very vital not only to Florida,  but to the Gulf and the entire South, because  it supports a myriad of wildlife completely dependent on the single most import element on Earth, water.

For the Everglades, keeping it clean, free of toxins and chemicals, but  most of all free-flowing,  is essential.

The National Wildlife Federation has an excellent Blog and today’s good news comes from their most recent issue of Wildlife Promise, and is dedicated primarily to the Everglades.

As those who have been coming here for a bit may recall, my first trip to the Everglades was a memorable one and my first ever encounter with an Alligator~

The result of that unusual meeting was the impetus for a website called  gator-woman, and the two Blogs which followed, all dedicated to the wonderful wildlife of Florida.

But back to the issues at hand about the Everglades.

This story is concerned with the  Restore Act  which is intended to undo the damage done to the entire Gulf Area from the BP Oil Spill:    Restoring the Everglades, Restoring the Gulf

The story goes on to describe the recently completed,  elevated portion of the  Tamiami  Trail, built back in the 1920’s as a connection between Tampa and Miami, but which has since severely choked the Everglades,  by holding back the desperately needed water flow.

The further elevation of this vital road will bring new life back to the Everglades.

This particular issue is a critical one for those of us who live in  and love Florida and its spectacular array of wild places and wild things.

If a vacation is on your mind right now, I highly recommend the Everglades or any part of Florida,  as now is simply the best time of the year to come here, for great weather, no nasty Hurricanes and so much to see and do.

No,  I am not a paid representative of the Florida Visitors Bureau, just one who loves what is here and am desperate to keep it all safe for future generations.

In closing, may I say that starting this Blog was forced on me, I already had one on Google,  as well as  a website and did not feel the necessity for creating another  ” child ”  to care for.

But this person who shares my life has been on WP for two years and nagged me to death to give it a try.

So, in March of this year,  I finally  relinquished and posted my first Blog.

It has been a magical carpet ride since day one.

And I have all of you to thank for this.

You have come here, supported my often hysterical pleas for involvement on behalf of animals.

Your responses, your support, have  completely  shocked me.

I was positive that I was alone in my zeal, my passion for protecting animals, but  I was so very wrong.

I have posted, you have come and now some ten months later, I feel like all of you are a part of my family,  you are definitely a part of my life.

I am grateful for being pushed into this and even more grateful that all of you care and are as indignant as I am, about what is happening to animals globally.

From what is on the news here right now, about the effects of Social Media on Sea World with the over the top backlash from Black Fish, it would seem that we can and have made some positive changes when it comes to protecting animals.

In 2014,  I promise to work even harder and be even more involved and hope that you will continue to lend your hearts and minds in support.

While it is true that they  have no voice, at least,  now we all know that we can speak for them and that people are listening.

God Bless us everyone, but most especially,  God Bless all of the animals and keep them safe from harm.

May you all have a wonderful Holiday  and  see you in 2014.



22 thoughts on “You Care About Us~

  1. Donna, you need not “work even harder.” The level of effort, concern and caring that you put into creating awareness is significant, so much more than many otherrs combined. Please consider using some of your discretionary time to nurture yourself and to stay healthy! Without our personal wellness, we’re less strongly positioned to help others. Thank you for your time and contribution to a wonderful cause.

  2. What a wonderful and uplifting post, yours is an excellent blog. It is good to know that there is someone out there who is passionate about animals. There seems to be so few people about who care and it seems that most animals are under threat, exploited and abused in some way. So its good to find someone who speaks out and cares, the more of us who do the more hope there is that things will change, keep up the good work. I send all my best wishes to you for Christmas and the New Year, look forward to reading more of your blog in 2014

  3. I too will give voice to our Animal friends when I say “Thanks for all you do to spread awareness and encourage action.”

    I enjoyed this post and the way you invited us into your Florida home by way of all those excellent links provided.

    Keep on Truckin’ Gator-Woman!

  4. I love your blog! We share the same values and outlook on animals and their right to also inhabit this planet wihtout persecution, hunters and other haters. Thanks for an excellent blog!!

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