Withering Whales


A Long-finned pilot whale spyhopping
Picture credit:  Barney Moss


An update to this story

The news is worse yet today, even more Whales have been found dead and again their stomachs were empty, but the thing that is most disturbing is the fact that these whales normally  live in very deep waters and that they are probably coming into shallower waters now because something is terribly wrong where they live in the Gulf. Once again my suspicions are toxins from either the BP oil spill or the chemicals used to clean it up. These family oriented mammals will all follow even one sick member to their own deaths. It is tragic.  Regardless of what is the cause this time,  we are killing our  sea life and poisoning the sea. God help us all.

About 25 pilot whales found dead in southwest Florida


Each day as I watch our local news, I keep hoping that this will all end, but each day,  it only gets worse.

We are becoming painfully aware here in Florida of the ongoing deaths of our precious ocean mammals.

Now with these new announcements this morning of even more Pilot Whales being stranded, dying and washing ashore, the gloom hangs over the state like a dark,  heavy blanket.

When the dolphins, manatees and pelicans were found dead in the Indian River Lagoon, it was blamed on many factors, but  many here felt pretty convinced that it  was most likely caused by chemical run off and toxins in the water.

So, now that Pilot Whales are being found dead and dying, or missing from their family pods, what is to blame is being asked.

The whales that have been found are nearly emaciated, not  a very good sign.

It seems likely that there is a great deal more to this tragic mystery that is being seen at present.

As the majority of them are on the Gulf Coast, it would be easy to blame this on the BP oil spill years ago.

Much to the dismay of local wildlife officials, the BP mess has had lingering disastrous effects on all of our wildlife and the food that they need to survive.

The fact that these Pilot Whales  seem to be seriously underweight, leads us to draw the conclusion that their food sources are either dead or dying,  or simply toxic and worth little to keep them healthy or well nourished.

One thing is obvious, when our wonderful sea life is dying all around us, with few clues as to why, we must look inward.

What are we doing to their homes and their food sources?

So much to think about, but very  few answers.

We are a species that  by nature, can be quite  greedy and self-absorbed, and the animals around us are paying for this gluttony with their lives.

Wake up people, what we do on this planet matters.

It matters to everything that lives, animal and plant alike.

We are their keepers, and we had better start doing a better job of keeping them.


You may learn more here:

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81 thoughts on “Withering Whales

  1. And the Seas Shall Die Rev 16:3
    Sadly and Painfully, not surprising with all the garbage, toxins, oils, and SONOR poisons we dump into our precious oceans.
    The Truth is, we are UNWILLING to change what we do, even when we know what we do causes suffering and death. 😦

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  3. Not to distract from the plight of the whales – for days when you are forced to report horrid news of animal abuse – take a peak at the charity we have here on the east coast.
    The Panther Ridge Conservation Center in Wellington, FL is a non-profit organization that provides a lifelong home and care for endangered and exotic big cats that have been abandoned, abused, etc. Also, they provide education and a research facility, has school visits, etc.
    Just thought this might help brighten those rough days for you.

    • The news here this morning leaves me devastated. 25 more were found and their stomachs were empty. This is a state of crisis for these whales. So, I am afraid nothing could make that better. My heart breaks for them and what is happening. Humans are responsible for this, in one way of another and It must be changed before the seas are empty of all life.

      • I did mean to say it would make their plight any better. I know how much the horror of this type of news takes out of you and I was trying to boost your morale in my own ignorant way.

    • You have me pegged all right. These stories and the deaths of animals is very hard for me. But if no one sees it or does anything to stop it, soon we will live on this planet alone. You are very kind, I am sorry to be so rude.

      • No problem – there’s no bigger animal lover than (besides you that is), so I understand and I appreciate what you’re trying to do here. Keep up the good work!

  4. As always, thank you for highlighting these issues. Of course, BP would argue that the spill had nothing to do with these deaths–but we can be certain that the spill damaged the entire Gulf ecosystem, and the damage to that ecosystem no doubt continues to contribute to the death of Gulf flora and fauna, including the whales. I am certain that other stressors are contributing to these terrible events–but that fact does not excuse BP, just as BP’s wrongdoing does not excuse the wrongdoing of others. All who have damaged the ecosystem have contributed to the deaths of these animals.

    And, of course, all of us bear some responsibility for these events. We all participate in a global system that pollutes the environment. We purchase our consumer goods, in part, through the coin of the deaths of innocent animals. (And I realize that the term “innocent” is redundant: animals are of course innocent.)

    What can we do? Well, let me be a Jeremiah, decrying the evil that we do. I cannot imagine any real solution–not until we have polluted earth so long that at last it rouses itself and shakes away the pest that troubles it.

  5. You bring forward many important environmental issues. It is so sad what is happening in the seas and on the land. Thanks for helping make the world aware.

  6. Thank you for writing about these whales. These days are so dark and heavy. I will continue to do what I can for this planet and her creatures, praying that we all can go forward, even though it will be (and is) on some sort of grim life support. Your words always inspire me.

  7. An important subject. Thank you for sharing and spreading the news. Thank you also for visiting my personal blog. I invite you to check out another one of my blogs at KinjuuWildlife.wordpress.com 🙂

  8. This is one of many stories I wish the world would have eyes to see and hearts to feel. I have watched these creatures being slaughtered on documentaries. It sickens me. But until the heart of all men are changed, we will suffer the images as above. Ora Pro Nobis ” Pray for us.”

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  10. We environmental damage to the Gulf is just beginning. Did you know there are over 400 off shore rigs from the southern tip of Texas in an arc to Alabama? With global warming and the temp of water off Africa the hurricanes the hit the Central and North American coasts will be more in the category of 4’s and 5’s. Those rigs will be falling like dominoes. Now China may build rigs for Cuba just 90 miles south of Miami and with the cheap crap China produces we can expect disaster there exponentially.

    I suggest that since whales are very intelligent they my be willfully committing suicide as a way to wakeus up to pollution and global warming like the Buddhist monks that set themselves on fire during the Vietnam war. In either case we are not listening.

  11. Reblogged this on WestDeltaGirl's Blog and commented:
    Wake up people! Humans are poisoning the world! Animals are dying and species are going extinct because of the greed manifested in many people (er I mean corporations) that continue to exploit all the natural resources to fill their bank accounts with something that can not be taken to their graves! Oceans should not be a dumping ground – directly or indirectly! Keep in mind that the pollution we put into the air will come back down into the oceans. Oceans cover 71% of the world and is the largest habitat!

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  14. Thank you for sharing this information. I am sorry to hear about the dreadful fate of these whales and other sea creatures. So sad and so shocking, human greed knows no bounds, at least the insatiable greed of the few. The corporations that plunder the planet with no regard for the effect on the other inhabitants who share this world with
    us. It feels so overwhelming sometimes and I wonder if it will ever end before it is too late. Pollution of the land, the sea and the air is killing us all as it has no doubt killed these whales. BP and others like them who leave pollution and death in their wake have so much to answer for.

    • As always, you words are so perfect for the situation.
      If there were many more like you, perhaps things might be different for the innocents, who now perish daily at the hands of thoughtless Humans.
      Thank you for your great loving heart~

  15. Many humans seem hell-bent on destroying the earth through their own greed and apathy towards others.

    It is good to know that there are still people in the world with ethics, morals, and compassion for the creatures who often depend upon us for their survival.

  16. Reblogged this on jamoroki and commented:
    We all know our planet will die one day but in the meantime we need constant reminders like this that we must respect the environment while we are here. Neither apathy or ignorance are acceptable excuses.

  17. thanks for working to stop the violence against the biosphere and all the critters great and small, and glad that you found something to like on our not so cheery site, peace, dmf

    • My education was in Anthro.
      Your Blog is quite unique and in an area that few care to explore on WP.
      My newest WP endeavor is in the field of my ed, which was the reason for coming to your Blog today.
      It is a wee new baby with no hope of ever finding an audience in our violent, sex driven, mindless, selfie dedicated world.
      But, it makes me feel good to know it is there~

      • you’re very kind my growing fear is that given our species cognitive-biases (and the reach/impact of our technologies) that the fit (or lack of) between what/how we are capable of grasping (what our response-abilities are) and the environs that we are now creating is too great for us to bridge and that many critters will be dragged down with us, so looking desperately for a way to “hack” our biases on a mass scale or, and more likely tho still too slim for my liking how to hack my own response-abilities to try and come to terms with my own limits/powers, hard times here on planet eaarth, hope you find some peace, dirk

  18. I understand and concur with what you say.
    Just about a month ago, I began a new WP Blog dedicated to Global Culture because constantly writing about the horrific state of animal life and how they are abused by Humans ( I use that term quite loosely ) was so depressing that I needed a break or would have had to walk away.
    I was not sleeping well at night and stayed in a sad fog for hours after each new posting here.
    I am much better able to deal with this Blog, now that I have that vent.
    If you are in the neighborhood, please do come look: http://tahtonka.wordpress.com/

  19. My Mother has lived in Southern Florida for over 30 yrs. She lives right on the ocean. When she first moved down there and I went to visit, the beaches were clean and lovely. Now when I go, the beaches are littered with garbage and one must clean their feet with mineral spirits because of tar that gets on them–I’m sure because of all the oil now in our oceans. It’s disgusting and sad. One can see that shells aren’t there anymore, the turtles aren’t coming anymore, birds are less….the entire ecosystems damaged by us. It’s so global. In my lifetime I can see the difference. What do we all do to make differences in our own individual lives? Do we all recycle our garbage? Do we all use economy cars and drive as little as possible? Do we use renewable resources? Are we vegetarians and/or vegans? These are steps we can do right now to help our planet and reduce our own carbon footprint. Thanks for letting me rant and thanks for reminding us we aren’t the only ones that live on this beautiful planet.

    • We share similar experiences.
      My parents moved here in the ’70’s and we came to visit many times.
      Each trip, as with yours, exposed changes.
      Your ideas are exactly what needs to be done.
      Now, how do we get the rest of the world to see that?
      Caring about our planet and animals should begin in childhood.
      Parents, teachers and civic leaders need to share responsibilities.
      One thing is certain, the ability for those who care to share, has been greatly enhanced by social media.
      Five years ago, you and I would never have had this conversation.
      This is a blessing~

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