269: Please, Remember This Number

An innocent  Baby Calf
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Many years ago when my daughter was quite young, we happened to be at a place where an ugly truth was just feet away from where we spent the night.

It was in a tiny town in North Central California and what happened there that night changed her life and my life forever.

Being the precocious child that she was, she had wandered around the area and come across a few cows that she was gleefully admiring.

I walked over to retrieve her and a man approached us.

He seemed kind,  so we stopped to talk to him.

What he said broke our hearts and neither of us have ever really recovered.

He told us about the baby calf just inside the barn where we were standing and what was soon to happen to it.

I am sure you already  know how Veal is made, so I will not  go into any details here.

With this tragic night in mind, just now an email directed me to a place that brought back those horrific memories and I was compelled to pass this site on to any of you who may,  perhaps feel as we do.

Veal is despicable.

It comes from the torture of a baby calf.

I do not wish to say more here, you will learn more soon enough by going to this place and seeing what they are trying to do, or stop.

I wish them every success in the world, because you see, it will take a Global Effort to change people’s minds and hearts.

Millions of people everywhere, absolutely  love this meat and relish eating it, on a regular basis.

Since that awful night so many years ago, I have told anyone who would listen, why they should never buy, or eat Veal.

This group and their message and intentions are very, very powerful.

But, this is exactly the kind of strength that it will take to reverse and end such a horrific  crime against these innocents.

I hope that you will take a look and pass it on if you agree.

If enough of us take a stand for them and say no, perhaps one day, very soon, no other baby calf’s will have to be tortured and murdered.

I am asking you to share this, we are their only hope.

We are a powerful voice and we will not be denied.

269: Please, Remember This Number!


Places to learn more:

269 – The Web site

269 on Facebook



22 thoughts on “269: Please, Remember This Number

  1. Reblogged this on Anarette and commented:
    I always read Donna’s blog “Walking with the Alligators” as she raises important animal welfare and wildlife issues that are close to my heart too. I am repeating a wish I have mentioned before and I hope Donna’s post helps to reseed the world with kindness:

    Society needs a cure
    Work its gardens
    Drive out violence
    Rip out the greed
    Reseed it with kindness

    From: http://anarette.com/2013/06/29/changes-in-attitude/

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  3. Veal is particularly cruel though the rearing and slaughter of all animals is cruel and barbaric. Thank you for this information. This is a powerful way to get this message across and I hope people take notice. I hate to be pessimistic but I rather think people will continue with this cruelty. Yes it does need to be outlawed.

    Here in the UK and the rest of the EU veal crates have been banned but still calves are taken from their mothers and kept in confined spaces with little room to move or behave normally. Frankly I abhor the rearing and killing of any animal but the factory farming system including veal production is the cruellest method of them all and should not be a part of any modern day society which considers itself to be ethical.

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