Floridian Lab Rats

A female aedes-albopictus
Picture credit: CDC


If you are coming to Florida any time soon, you may wish to avoid our lovely lower Keys.

But, why you may ask?

They are the most breathtaking place in this state, so what could possibly make you want to avoid them?

Well, how do you feel about millions of Frankenstein mosquitoes that could be turned loose there, if the FDA approves it?

It seems that the years of overuse of pesticides has made local insects nearly immune to most of them now.

So, enter Oxitec and their cuddly little GMO mosquitoes

The thinking is that they will breed with and then wipe out the locals who cause two vicious viruses, that are presently, without cure or vaccines, and quite well spread throughout the Caribbean area.

These viruses are,  chikungunya and dengue and yes, the affected  area does include parts of Southern Florida.

The FDA is the same organization that has never seemed to be able to say no to Monsanto, or their kinfolk, who rule the chemical world.

So, my guess is that they will get an instant approval to plow ahead.

As one who has opposed GMO’s since their inception and eats organic as much as possible, I find this all quite disturbing, as we simply have no idea of the danger or consequences posed by this insect, if we are bitten by one of  them.

It is odd that we could not do this in America, we had to go to the British for these adorable little GMO mosquitoes.

They, Oxitec, has already taken 70 million of these cute little guys on the road in the recent past to the Cayman Islands and elsewhere.

So why should you/we fear these tiny, little blood suckers?

Could it be the toxic soup that they originate from, like herpes simplex and E. coli?

These new mosquitoes will breed with the locals and cause massive extinction, they say, they hope.

Aye, but there’s the rub, dear readers.

What happens to the warm-blooded humans, pets and others, in the release areas, if they are bitten by a GMO insect?


They are not talking much about that.

My question, only one of many, what do the local Floridians think about this?

Better yet, how many were at a recent meeting, if they even knew about it?

A petition at Change.org has collected 130,000 signatures against this potential madness and I would truly love to hear what those in the drop zone have to say about what could be released into their back yards this spring.

Unless this British bug invasion is stopped in its tracks, we Floridians will soon become the first US mosquito lab rats.


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33 thoughts on “Floridian Lab Rats

  1. And if it is not these ‘species,’ Donna, then it will be the manufactured drone mosquitoes that the US government is already playing with. It gets darker and scarier ‘out there’ every day. Good of you to make others aware of the change.org petition. They have had success with some issues but it takes a lot of signatures to awaken legislators.

    • Dear Eric.
      Absolutely and thank you.
      My fear is that those with the most to lose will have no say at all in this.
      The FDA has let all of us down so many times and sided with big Chemical…

  2. Donna, so much has gone so wrong and mankind is still adding to the nightmare. Another horror awaits and the consequences will be dire. I too eat only organic as best I can and I too avoid GMO’s. So many of us are doing are very best to heal Mother Earth while our every gesture seems to be wiped out by stupidity and greed. Is there any such thing as freedom any more? Is there any such thing as clean air, water, and soil? I’ve seen horrors in my own gardens what insects are doing and it is all because of pesticides. I try to garden green as much as I can, yet those measures fall short, especially when it comes to my Roses. My Roses were almost destroyed by aphids last year, species I’ve never seen before. And it wasn’t only that. It was the quantity of them that scared me. I am just shaking my head as I write these words. How much longer can this earth tolerate such blatant abuse?

  3. Donna, this is absolutely alarming and insane! I wish I didn’t believe that this dangerous experiment would even be considered, let alone carried out. Normally, I would say the effects should be subjected to careful research before even considering release in the wild – but in this case, I don’t advocate subjecting animals to the dangers of such idiocy!

  4. Donna, I never would have imagined there was “Oxitec with little GMO mosquitoes”, I can’t believe the risks humans are willing to take, all in the name of good ol’ “GMO engineering” in agriculture. Thanks for the info! It still is unbelievable!

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