A Florida Black Bear Cub
Picture credit:  FWC

**An update 4/17/2014  5 AM**
FWC  just announced that there will be fines and possible jail time for anyone caught feeding Bears.

This comes too late for SEVEN Black Bears!


Today with heavy and trouble heart,  I am imploring you to do something for an animal that you do not know.

This week has been nearly impossible to get through for those of us who live in Central Florida.

As of this writing,  SEVEN Black Bears have been killed here in the greater Orlando area.

What is  mind-boggling is this, FWC  say that they have no way to know if any of them is the one who hurt the woman, as DNA tests take time to get back.

Their  second explanation, or reason for continuing the killings, is that the Bears are showing  “no fear of humans.”

Let’s see, Bears come into a neighborhood, bordering right up to where they live and these kind humans leave it something to eat and enjoy the sight.

Bear thinks, Human good!

Result, no fear!

If you remember,  the last time,  a woman taking out her trash with her dog was bitten, but it was not until after other innocent Bears had been killed,  that they said the one responsible was a mother with  two cubs,  who had  felt threatened by the woman’s dog and was  probably  protecting her cubs.

They were shipped off to Busch Gardens in Tampa.

And DNA eventually proved that the ones killed were not the ones who bit the woman.

I have just called our Governor and made a passionate plea for him to get involved.

Of course I did not speak to him, my message and my name were taken by a nice person in Tallahassee,  just doing her job.

Next,  I am calling Nick Wiley, the head of Fish and Wildlife here,  to repeat the same exact message.

Two questions are keeping me boiling mad right now.

If this were not a gated, wealthy suburb of Orlando, would there be such an abundance of concern for this neighborhood?

Are there people in this wealthy gated community, as has been whispered, who have been feeding the Bears?

Bear are simple souls really, they go where the food is.

The fact that so many of them were at this woman’s garage indicates a food source.

Did she,  or are others in this neighborhood,  breaking the golden rules of being  “Bear Aware”  for Central Florida and all other Bear areas here?

For example: Garage or other outside building doors left open at night or trash/garbage or other intentional  “Bear attracting food”  left out on purpose, or by ignorance?

We all,  who live here and love the Bears,  know about these few simple rules and for the most part do abide by them.

Where we live near the Ocala Forest,  Bears roam freely all around us.

So, why don’t we have any Bear problems like they appear to have continuously near Orlando?

It could be, because we here in the Forest, have hopefully by now, learned how to protect ourselves and them from harm.

We don’t invite them into a  “trap of death”  by doing wrong things.

So, here is my request, of any of you who follow, read or support the thinking of this Blog.

Will any of you,  if there is no financial hardship for you,  please call this number:  850 488 – 7146

This number is for the state of Florida’s Governor’s  office.

All you have to do is say how you feel about the fact that our FWC  has already killed SEVEN Black Bears and ask how many more are going to be killed and why?

And, if you still have any unvented passion left after that, here are some other numbers:

850 487-3796    FAX  850 921-5786                

These numbers are for Nick Wiley,  Executive Director Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

Also, his email:

When the Florida Black Bear was taken off of the Threatened List in 2012,  I was very concerned about their future welfare and called FWC and asked if their next move was going to be to have an open season or legalize hunting of them?

I was told of course not,  that is not going to happen.

But the way things are going this week here, they won’t need to, it looks like Open Season on the Black Bear has already begun here in Orlando,  just read the numbers!






A bee performing the miracle that keeps the whole world running~
Picture credit: Bob Peterson/ Jacopo Werther


If like us, Spring at your house means working in your garden and/or your yard, here are some things that you may wish to consider before you begin.

In my email this morning was a new round of pleading from one of my favorite sources for  keeping our Planet safe, the Cornucopia Institute.

They are once again, repeating a request for us all to stop using a certain type of insecticides in our yards because of the mortal effects they are having on our bees in America.

Bees and all pollinators are dying by the millions and it is having a ripple effect all across our Planet.

On the Weather Channel this week, a sad example was demonstrated live on the set, bees are being born with crumpled wings and only living a day or  two,  because they cannot fly, the source or cause of this deformity is mites.

Two more recent possibilities that have been reported as possible, or probable,  causation for the massive Global bee deaths, are extremely cold weather and a plant virus.

So, when all of theses factors occur within a short period of time, the mites, pesticides, extreme cold and plant viruses, the world’s bees bite the dust by the millions.

Many are calling this  phenomenon, a  Beepocalypse.

We do not use any pesticides on our property because of our Airedale Breanna and our Gopher Tortoise Harriet.

We also do not wish to have our beloved green tree frogs or lizards killed by them.

Pesticides, like Monsanto’s  Round Up are just plain lethal to all livings things, they are equal opportunity killers.

Insecticides have already been banned in Europe.

Surely if they can do this to save our  Global pollinators and their food supplies, we can as well?

Another point to remember, if you like to eat, think about what the  bees and pollinators do for all of us, every single day of their lives.

Without them out there doing their jobs, our food supplies would  dwindle and quickly.

No bees, no food, no flowers, no people.

Pretty simple really,  isn’t it.

As a result of the massive backlash against these lethal products,  most lawn and garden departments now carry and are happy to refer people,  to the ones that are safe, or safer and more natural and have a less harmful effect on all that comes in contact with them.

Here in Florida,  this has now become a problem of nearly  historic levels for areas like the Indian River Lagoon  area.

This Ecosystem has seen catastrophic wildlife death numbers in the past few years from multiple causes, but the primary one is considered to be toxins in the water.

Pesticides used on our yards and in farming,  are the worst offenders in Florida.

Manatees, Dolphins, and  birds are sick and dying here and the water that they depend on for life, is to blame.

The only way to fix this,  is for all of us to become very concerned and careful about what we use and do with any chemicals.

Is your yard being perfectly emerald-green worth an animal’s life?

Please remember Floridian’s, what goes on our lawns and on our land here, ends up in the aquifer and eventually in our drinking water.

Do you really know what is in that glass of water you are drinking today?


Places to learn more:

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Bees are dying. Here’s why you should care



Animal Awareness Alert~

Florida_Black_BearFDOT       man2
A Florida Black Bear in the Ocala Forest and a Florida Manatee mother and baby
Black Bear picture credit:  FFWCC,  Manatee picture credit:
The Black Bear pictured here was taken in an area quite near our house and according to Wikipedia:
which supports the highest density population of black bears in North America.”


**Update……..Now  SEVEN Black Bears have been killed by FWC**

7th Bear killed in Lake Mary after attack


Although Bears and Manatees may not be on your mind at this very moment,  they need to be.

Two animal stories  were on our local news this morning that need to be brought to your attention if you live in Florida.

Like much of the country, it is Spring right now here in Central Florida and a great many of our animals are on the move.

Black Bears  everywhere in the state have ceased their hibernation states, short-lived as they were due to the fairly mild winter and have begun roaming into  adjacent areas and neighborhoods in search of food.

Like you feel in the morning, they are now awake and very hungry.

So we MUST be vigilant right now everywhere,  for their increased presence and state of hunger.

Last night a local woman was attacked, or surprised in her garage, by what may have been as many as 5 Black Bears.

Yes,  she had left the garage door open, but, was their also some trash or garbage in there,  or dog or cat food?

Not known yet.

Before there are even more Black Bears killed, as has been done recently, can we all please take an extra moment,  to do what we know must be done and that is to keep alert and NEVER leave food outside and for heaven sakes,  please remember to close your garage and shed doors at night.

We do not want or  need another tragic round of Black Bear killings here, do we?

The second point to make you all aware of is,  that our   Florida Manatees  are also starting to become active and  are beginning to leave the warmth and safety of  places like Blue Springs State Park  and other warm water areas, and heading out to their cooler summer waters, all along the Florida Coastlines as well as inland locations.

So, as we all start taking our boats out, now that the days are getting warmer,  to where they Manatees live and travel, we must be especially careful not to run into or over them.

Boat propeller  strikes lead to countless unnecessary Manatee injuries and deaths every year.

And last year was an especially  not a good one for them  with over 800 deaths  in various ways.

So please remember,  when you are out in your boats from this point on,  please observe the “slow down manatee zone”  speed limit signs.

A Manatee’s life is depending on it.

So, while we are all busy right now celebrating Spring, can we all try to ensure that Florida’s Bears and Manatees will also be here to see it next year with us?

We all need to be a part of and support this,  animal awareness alert.

Spread the word~


You may learn more here:

Bears drag Florida woman from garage

Officials Warn of Bears Stirring as Woman Attacked

Seasonal Manatee Speed Zones are in effect




We Must Speak Even Louder

Wild Orcas as they were meant to be,  free and hunting in the Norwegian Sea.
Picture credit: Wolfgang Hägele


Yesterday in California,  more than a million voices, via their signatures on a petition, were  raised up against the continuing captivity of  Orcas at Sea World San Diego, but they simply could not compete with those of the owners,  the local city Governments, or the faithful lobbyists who work so tirelessly on behalf of their clients.

What was at stake was the fate of the Orcas at Sea World facilities and their questionable safety and treatment.

Animal rights activists came from everywhere,  along with parents, teachers and children to show their support for California Bill AB2140, proposed by Democratic State Assemblyman Richard Bloom of Santa Monica, who was apparently influenced by the highly popular and widely publicized film,   Blackfish.

It is reported that the Sea World lobbyist is Scott Wetch.

Naomi Rose, who is a marine mammal scientist with the Animal Welfare Institute,  sponsored the Bill, AB2140.

This Bill would have stopped the killer whale/Orca shows at Sea World in San Diego and phased out their  captivity.

But at the end of the day, power and money won.

Now that the Bill has been sidetracked,  or waylaid until mid 2015 in San Diego, all involved in this seem to  agree that next on the list,  are the  Sea World facilities  in  Florida and Texas.

A curious item was mentioned on our local news, that Sea World’s  attendance is down , but their profits are up.

How very interesting.

Usually when a great many people are as enraged as those who signed this petition are/were,  something happens, things get changed, but in this case, it appears not, and over a million signatures on this petition meant zero to Californians.

Not surprisingly, Sea World did a massive, continuing campaign press blast,  to discredit the film Blackfish, while the San Diego Chamber of Commerce declared that Sea World and the Whales are extremely vital to their economy.

And, now that this scenario is  guaranteed be repeated in Texas and Florida, you can be assured that the Sea World owners,  local city Governments,  and the lobbyists, will push back even harder with everything that they have, but it will in the end be, mostly about the money.

When those with the money and the control do not hear the voices of over a million in protest, we must speak even louder.

” We must speak for those with no voice.”


You may learn more here:

Bad Day for Captive Orcas: California’s ‘Blackfish’ Bill Stalls

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Killer-whale bill stalls in hearing; study due in 2015

Orca Ban in Theme Parks a ‘Silly Bill,’ Sea World Says

California Bill That Would End Orca Shows Stalls

Pictures of Orcas:    Orca Pod Wiki



Cocoa Says NO!


The Pier at Cocoa Beach
Picture credit:  Mike Russell


On our local news this morning,  came a most unexpected joy.

It was announced today,  that the City of Cocoa Beach had rejected offshore Seismic Testing.

Those in this Committee actually said that they don’t want it, because it has been said to harm Whales and Dolphins.

Did I hear right?

Is it possible that an entire City Commission actually realizes that many of the well to do tourists that they work so hard and spend so much trying to attract here, are actually coming because of the wild things that live here?


I can still remember my very first trip here in the 1970′s to visit my parents, when they lived in North Miami Beach.

One of our very first day trips was down to the Everglades and  I was hooked for life~

I was mesmerized by all of it, but most of all, by the incredible raw  beauty of the land and the dizzying array of glorious creatures that lived here.

I had never seen most of them, in either California or Indiana growing up, so it was all new.

For those of you who do not live here,  please allow me to shed some light.

We have in this glorious Sunshine State, what may be the world’s greatest collection of Birds and countless rare and exciting species of plants and wildlife in the world.

There is never any  shortage of well-heeled, big spending visitors arriving here, every single day of the year, to take in all of this pristine beauty.

They travel to Florida by the millions, from every country in the world.

So, then knowing this, that not everyone coming here is going to Disney, or playing Golf, it  simply would not be financially  responsible,  not to mention completely inhumane,  to do our very best to preserve and protect the priceless  beauty here, not just for the tourists,  but for our state’s residents as well?

If Seismic Testing all along the Atlantic Coast is not stopped in its tracks, our Marine, or Sea life,  are all in great jeopardy, the Whales, the Dolphins, every living thing.

It has been pointed out repeatedly, that the North Atlantic Right Whale, is just one more screw up away by us, to complete and total extinction.

And our Dolphins and other Coastal animals are already being pushed to the brink by overdevelopment.

So to all of  you other  Coastal Cities in Florida and indeed all of the United States Coast lines, you had better wake up.

Our Coast lines and all that inhabit them are a  Treasure, but for only as long as they exist.

Listen, I think I hear your tourist dollars leaving the building and they may not be back!

No wildlife, no wild places, no scenic beauty, no tourists~

Get it?


Some places to learn more:

Seismic testing could harm marine life

Atlantic oil drilling using seismic airgun may wipe out endangered Right Whales

A Cocoa City  Commission Video:  Seismic Testing Rejected

An entire page of this topic is quite well  covered here:   Offshore Oil Drilling



Whales Win!

Traditional Whaling in Taiji
Picture credit: Public Domain


If you have had your absolute fill of  depressing news about our wonderful world of animals, you can smile today!

Japan has argued for years,  that they have the absolute right to kill 1,000 Whales a year in the Antarctic,  for
” scientific purposes, ”  but the United Nations has told them,  not so fast!

Judge Peter Tomka has determined that what the Japanese are doing,   is not “scientific”  and  they will stop immediately.

The Japanese have a very  long history of whaling, as  it  has been a strong  part of their culture since the 1700′s.

The bitter and sad stories coming out of Taiji where Dolphins and Whales are murdered every year,  has been the subject of countless Blogs, News and TV stories,  even a documentary film,  the Cove.

Bloodshed, as in rituals, for the sake of culture, had been a part of our  lives since we crawled out of the water, or from under a rock, or whatever we did, but long ago we stopped most of these heinous acts and became mostly civilized beings.

It is not that Humans have really changed or evolved so much, more likely, it has been the influence of a more “ethical” society and the negativity attached  to these gruesome acts.

Only our behavior towards the animal kingdom seems to have remained in our archaic past, as witnessed by the ongoing slaughter every day to animals all of over the world, especially in Africa.

Regrettably, nothing has deterred the determined Japanese, who since their defeat in the War,  have felt this was one last part of their culture where their Honor and National pride were still secure.

The Japanese were not alone in this evil, many countries including ours, participated in the killing of Whales.

But in 1986,  a “Moratorium Against Whaling” was enacted and all but the Japanese,  Norway and Iceland adhered to it.

Although I can certainly respect preserving your culture, some of the reason to support this particular one, must be subject to the current status of Whales on the planet.

Global numbers for all sea mammals have decreased dramatically in the last Century, so continuing this so called “scientific research”  is no longer a viable excuse for Whale slaughter, anywhere.

Our species,  we Humans, must learn to respect all animals and protect them before they are wiped from the Earth.

For if  they are all gone, we will be alone and this Planet was never meant to be Only inhabited by  Humans.



You may learn more here:

This page has a wide selection of places to learn more:  ICJ ruling on whaling  news roundup

Here is Court’s the ruling:  International Court of Justice

World Court: Japan’s ‘scientific’ whaling is illegal and must end

U.N. Court rules Antarctic whaling by Japan illegal, orders halt

World Court rules against ‘scientific’ whaling

Victory for whales at the International Court of Justice




Will You Honor Your Mother Tonight?


Image credit: Google Images


What began in Sydney,  Australia in 2007,  has now expanded and grown to become a Global Cultural Event and celebration, with countless Countries,  Nations, People, Organizations and Businesses involved,   each in their own way,  showing  their love and respect for our Planet, for our Mother Earth.

Tonight at 8:30 PM once again,  the entire Planet will have the chance to show its respect and love for this place that we all call home, Mother Earth.

Each corner of the Planet will observe this hour of lights out,  at their own local time.

By  collectively turning off our power, we can all demonstrate that we do care for this place that gives us all that we need to live, survive and thrive as a species.

She gives her all to us,  can we say the same?

So, won’t you please join with the millions of concerned others just like you and turn off your  lights,  for at least one hour tonight,  beginning at 8:30 PM?

The fact that this event continues to grow exponentially every year and is now reaching even the most remote of areas of the Globe, says that we do care and that we do want to make the world a better place.

May God continue to Bless us all and may we all continue to  Honor Mother Earth on this and every night.


Places to learn more:


Earth Hour


Earth Hour:  Millions to switch off lights around the world


Earth Hour:  Time and date


Earth Hour – Wikipedia



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