Naughty Nudists

Royal Terns on Passage Key Wildlife Refuge in Florida
Picture credit: USFWS


When this came on our Noon News yesterday, at first I thought that it must be a joke, but as it turned out, it was quite the opposite.

A Florida Wildlife Refuge on the Gulf Coast near Tampa, called Passage Key, with a resident population of rare Native birds like Royal Terns, is being disturbed by Nudists.

The Nudists are allowed to wade in the water offshore, but are forbidden to go onto the Beach, where the Birds are Nesting.

There are signs and the area is patrolled.

This Federally protected habitat is off-limits to the public, but a seemingly ignorant and determined group of Nudists have been going ashore and the birds who are not used to having humans on their Nesting Beach area, are flying off.

This is not good.

Anyone who knows anything about wildlife, knows that when they are disturbed and their habitats are invaded,  or their daily eating routines are interfered with, they may suffer serious consequences from it.

A hungry animal that is frightened away from its food source or nest, may or may not return, before it is too late.

A few months ago, in a similar kind of Island Environment on the Atlantic Coast, also with a group of nesting rare Terns, several  dogs were allowed to run loose on the Island and they did irreparable harm to all that they encountered.

By the time it was over, the Nests, the Chicks and the Terns were all gone!

Complete, absolute and total destruction, for what?

It would be extremely sad to see a repeat of this tragedy on the West Coast.


Places to learn more:

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Birds, nudists edge for space at Passage Key

Rare birds disrupted by nudists on wildlife refuge

Newly reformed island is for the birds, not nudists, according to feds

Passage Key National Wildlife Refuge

Passage Key Wildlife Refuge


Enough Already!

Anyone who knows me, knows that I HATE Politics, all Politics!

So for me to be driven, forced and bullied into creating a NEW Blog about this abhorred, loathed and despised subject, something BIG must have happened.

Well it did.

It seems to me that we, the public, the common people, the ones who pay all of the bills for this Government that appears to have more time off, than any other employees in the world, have little, or no say in what Politicians do, or don’t do.

After more than a week of daily phone abuse, yesterday was the very last straw, I could take no more.

Can you say Political ROBO calls?

Spending hours  on the phone with various Government Agencies and our Phone Company yielded ZERO results, because you see, no one is breaking any laws.

So, yesterday, I vented my fury over the complete lack of any semblance of control in our own home and began this NEW Political Blog:

As you will immediately gather by the graphics and appearance, yes it is somewhat satirical!

My hope is, that if you feel the same way, you will come and lend your voice, to what will be a Word Press version of a Blogging Smack Down, until Election Day in November.

If we are truly a country born of Freedom and Democracy, shouldn’t that include our right to peace in our own homes?

Am I the only one who is tired of being the whipping post for a few powerful politicians, who it seems, answer to no one?

They fear no form of legal reprisal and are running amuck at our expense, literally.

Reading the first post on this NEW Blog, should explain everything.

But for now, Enough Already!


A drop  of Water
Picture credit: José Manuel Suarez


The absence from this obviously addictive pleasure, has left me with a great deal of time to ponder what the subject of the first posting here would be, after being cleared by my Doctor to resume a somewhat normal life.

Before beginning,  I must take the time to say,  from the very depths of my heart, how much all of your comments and kind wishes and thoughts have meant to me, while I suffered here in the darkness of my self, or medically, imposed prison.

You simply overwhelmed me with your responses.

But, now back to work!

So, what was brewing, or festering in my mind all of this time?

It seemed like nearly everyday for the past week, there has been a story on our News about Water.

The problems with Water are not just local, they are Global, and they are,  or should be, our number one concern.

No water, no people, no life!

It really is that simple.

After the air that we breathe, Water is, in my opinion, the second most vital element, in sustaining all life on Earth.

The World’s problems with Water are, unlike our absolute dependence on it, quite complex and come from multiple sources.

In Ohio right now, exactly like so many places in Florida, the Water has become toxic from farm, and/or pesticide runoff.

Here in Florida, the Indian River Lagoon,  Everglades, Lakes Okeechobee and Toho, all have toxin/pollution problems that are Human caused.

Endangered and Threatened Wildlife have either already died, or are continuing to die, at all four places, even though proposals have been made to repair the damage, or improve the situation, still the deadly pollution remains.

In the meantime, no one at the top, in either state, seems to have  the temerity or the  power, to tell the farmers to stop poisoning our water supplies with their careless disposal of poisons and complete disregard for Water safety or purity.

But,  if we don’t force them to change their deadly, destructive, dangerous habits, we are all, every single living species on this planet, doomed.

Pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers are not compatible with life, they are now and will continue forever, to kill us all, until we are finally gone.

Not all of our Water problems come from chemical abuse, there are others.

Right now in many states, people cannot drink their Water because of fracking, places like Colorado and Pennsylvania have Water that can and does,  catch on fire.

Who wants to drink that?

Another disastrous Water problem,  is not what is being done to it, but the complete absence of it.

In California,  my home for over 30 years, the entire state is now in the worst drought of their history.

Entire Industries there are either dying, or are already dead, from the total lack of Water.

So, what is the answer, you ask?

Well, since the crisis with Water is Global, perhaps we should all be working together to solve this dilemma.

That really is not the appropriate word though,  is it?

This is not a dilemma, this a is a Global ” life or death “ situation, that will soon have an ending, one way or another.

We, Humans, will either do what must be done, or we will not.

Two of our planet’s most important Global Organizations, the United Nations and  the World Health Organization  are imploring us to do just this.

Nothing really big is hanging on this decision, just all life on Earth.

It is our choice,  what will we choose?

Will it be Water?


Here are a few of the many places where Water is in great jeopardy in the US:

Ohio, Florida, California, New York, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois and Texas


Some places to learn more:

Water Facts

Global Water Issues

WHO – Water

United Nations – Water Issues

Water – NRDC

World Water Day: 10 Places Most in Need of Clean Water

The Ten Biggest American Cities That Are Running Out Of Water

Driest year ever in Calif. sparks fire, water fears

Ohio Regulators Aim to Help Water Problem With Fertilizer Licenses

In Florida, Toxic Algae is a Year-Round Fight

Pollutants threaten the Everglades’ future



Ol’ One Eye!


This is a Blue eye, like mine.
Picture credit: 8th star Wikipedia


You have probably noticed that nothing new has been written for a bit, there is a reason.

As I was finishing the new Blog about Organics, it became increasingly more painful to work each day, until I knew something was terribly wrong.

My left eye felt like it had sand, or glass in it, it was raw meat!

So, after removing the Contact lens from my very irritated eye, I called my Eye Doctor and made an appointment.

When I saw him Wednesday, he gave me a lecture on good eye care and the grim news.

He told me that I have an infection in my Cornea and because I wear contacts, this means that I am now only allowed to wear one, making writing or doing many things difficult, until I see him for the follow-up next Thursday.

Under his VERY stern warning of losing my eyesight, I was told that I was, under no conditions, to put one in the affected eye, until I see him again next week!

In the mean time, doing drops in the eye 4X a day.

I am trying to read and respond to each of you, as best as possible for now, but it is hard, it hurts to stare at the computer for more than a few minutes.

The bright light of the computer screen makes my eyes most unhappy.

For now, I am spending a lot of time with my eyes closed.

Remember what you’ve heard about Doctors and Nurses being TERRIBLE patients?

It is TRUE, I am not a patient patient and doing nothing is driving me crazy!

Can’t drive and going out really hurts my eyes, I am trapped here!

So, until next Thursday, know that you are all in my mind and my heart.

Funny how addicted you become to Blogging and all that that entails.

I spent a lifetime with out WordPress, have no idea how on Earth it become so important to me, but it did/has.

Sitting here for hours, in my darkened bedroom is strange and sad, I feel like a Bat sometimes.

Poor Breanna is not sure what is wrong, but she is right here and seems content to wait this out with me.

We shall return soon and miss hearing from all of you!

Donna and Breanna

On Flagler Beach in June~


New Blog~

If you think that Organic and GMO foods are not a high stakes industry,
please do take a look at this picture.


Credit: Compiled by Stephanie Ladwig-Cooper


If you might have wondered where I have been, this is where:

It was the result of a bad shopping excursion that was the very last straw.

Hope you enjoy it!


Murdered, why?


Our beloved Gopher Tortoise Harriet, on her way back to her tunnel after eating.


Yesterday our local news, as usual, found a heinous, outrageous story about an animal that had been tortured and killed.

It had been murdered.

The animal at the center of this media firestorm, was an Endangered Gopher Tortoise.

As it was airing  yesterday,  I looked out the kitchen window at our beloved Harriet who was sitting under the tree, munching quietly on a tiny plant.

She looked so peaceful, so happy.

She does not know that she  is one of the lucky ones.

Many in this state are not, they do not have a safe place to live where they are not disturbed.

Gopher Tortoises here are continuously being uprooted at the whim and pleasure of greedy developers who want to build new Condos, new Shopping Centers, new anything, new everything.

Just build baby!

And get  ” those damn turtles out of their way,  they have things to build! “

Because they are protected, they are supposed to be moved as new things are built.

Do we really believe that they truly care if a Tortoise accidentally gets buried alive in the process?


My heart broke for the one that was tortured, who suffered and died.

I said a small prayer for it and then immediately became angry for what has now become so common here and elsewhere in the world, constant, unnecessary, violence directly aimed at innocent animals who cannot fight back, or defend themselves.

Why has this abuse against animals become so commonplace, have we all become immune to it?

Are we all now completely desensitized?

This should come as no shock, considering the fact that nearly 100%  of every news story, every single day, is about violence.

Two things are now quite apparent to me and they should be to you as well.

Our News media here in Florida seems to be obsessed with stories that involve an animal being hurt.

We also have some very sick people living in this state, who seem to take great pleasure in harming  animals.

Were those who committed this terrible crime hardened criminals?


Were these gang members meeting an initiation requirement?


The dastardly perpetrators in this case of vile and extreme  evil,  were two teenage girls.

Their reason.

Only they know the answer to this.

Threats have been  made against the girls and their families.

FWC are naturally deeply involved and the father of one of the girls has made an understandable comment that there will be ” no more Facebook or Smart phones “ in their house.

He will allow the local Law Enforcement and the Legal System to take its course.

The entire series of events surrounding this despicable crime should be making an even bigger case for a return to some sort of morality, humanity and just plain compassion in people today.

Where,  as a species, have we gone wrong, that now our children are doing these kinds of things to not only innocent, but Endangered Creatures, that have no way to protect themselves.

So, what started out yesterday as a local horror story, has now become a Global Horror story, as it has been picked up by News agencies everywhere.

How we must look to the world?

What must they think of us?

As Parents, as Humans, we had better take a long, hard, cold, look in the mirror.

Our lack of Humanity and Compassion has come home to roost.

Are our children now capable of murdering wild things, just for the pleasure of watching them die?

Dear Parents, dear Readers, will you please talk with your children and ask them what they think about this story?

If we are to survive as a species, we had better start finding out who and what we really are.

And what we are capable of doing to innocents?

We had better have an answer to this question:  Murdered, why?


There are three links below, I want nothing more to do with this story:

Two girls face threats after torturing and killing turtle in Florida

Florida teens face charges for torturing, killing threatened tortoise, posting video online

Florida Girls Light Tortoise on Fire, Set Off Hunt for Vigilante Justice




Beautiful, Bashful, Black Bear Cubs~
Picture credit:  FWC


I am sure that you all remember the horrific stories written  here about the Seven Black Bears,  that were killed in the Orlando area recently.

It was a sad, sad, sickening thing to have to write about and watch unfold.

Many hearts were broken,  as this story was on the News here nearly daily.

Many were also convinced that a Human was at the root of this, but could not prove it until now.

Finally the answer came and it has been all over our news for the past 24 hours.

First, a local Seminole County couple, Corey Zeak and Lori Clem, admitted to feeding the bears in this neighborhood and pleaded   “no contest”  to the charges against them.

They were fined $200 each and put on six months probation!

Then, a video surfaced of a man shown actually in the act of feeding a Black Bear.

He appeared in  court yesterday,  his name is Eugene Cifers.

And, he has pleaded,  ” not guilty.”

This man is not some ignorant, uneducated,  thoughtless, reckless culprit.

This man knows better.

Or at least you would think that he would,  considering that he is a former member of the Audubon Board and Save the Manatee Club.

This man has apparently been doing this for quite some time and has shared his both, illegal and stupid actions,  with a variety of people, including his neighbors and even his trash man.

Too many Bears in this state are being killed, either by car strikes, or by being “euthanized”.

The recent  donut caper, “  as I like to call it,  to try to  “count ”  the numbers of Florida’s Black Bears,  is something that I fear may soon lead to a disaster for them.

There are now grumblings or rumblings, of something that I was assured by an unnamed person at the top, would never happen here,  Black Bear Hunting.

In Florida, our hands are now stained with the blood of  Black Bears, as it has become a tragic, too common occurrence.

Last week another Black Bear who refused to stay away from people and trouble was put down.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission, or FFWC, said that they had no other choice.

The Bear was taken away, or relocated,  repeatedly, but it kept coming back.

Remember what they say,  “follow the food?”

This is what Black Bears and all the wild things will always do, they will follow the food, even though it might kill them.

Only stupid people feed wildlife, because it causes them to behave abnormally, which in turn costs them their lives.

It is not cute, or kind,  to feed them you idiots and you cannot plead,  ” innocent or no contest.”

These are not teddy bears, toys, or dolls for you to play with.

They are not cute, cuddly, stuffed animals for you to snuggle and then put back on the shelf.

These are wild animals who need to stay apart, or away from us,  if they are to stay alive.

Every encounter that a Black Bear has with a Human, is one more step that it has to unlearn.

If you feed a Black Bear or ANY wild animal and it is euthanized:

You are GUILTY!


Places to learn more:

Eugene Cifers: Florida man accused of feeding bears, wildlife officials say they have photo

Officials say photo shows Seminole man is feeding bears

Florida Man Has Been Feeding Neighborhood Bears For a Year, According to Officials

Neighbor of mauled woman in Seminole among three charged with feeding bears

Bear that returned to Panama City is euthanized



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